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Kittanning... the County Seat
The Kittanning Paper is published weekdays (Monday through Friday) with the exception of holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.



Grass Roots Reporting…

Because of the rural communities we serve, our newspaper features articles submitted by local writers instead of wire services or syndicated columnists. If you enjoy writing and are part of an event, feel free to submit your story to us for publication.

Multimedia Structure:

The Kittanning Paper is a blend of media. Stories which appear in the paper each day are also available for reading on the Internet. In addition, stories may carry video segments of interviews or events that can be viewed on our website. Technology now can bring the printed page to life! We not only tell you what they said… you can watch and hear them say it!


Timing Is Everything!

The Kittanning Paper is designed to be published by 11AM each weekday so you can be informed. Stay informed by visiting us on the Internet to view the paper, or have headlines texted to your cell phone. Even when you are out of town on business or vacation, we are as close to you as an Internet connection! The Kittanning Paper is any place… any time you want local news and information!!!

Our Mission Statement:

We propose to publish a bold, innovative, and truly local independent newspaper by, for and to the residents of Armstrong County!

Our independence assures readers of clear thought rather than journalistic spin by corporate influence.

We are committed to fostering the public discourse essential to democracy; maintain the highest standards of quality; be a service to our communities; and preserve our rural and cultural heritage while embracing and exploring change.

Our Staff:

David J. Croyle – Ext. 8118

Graphics Design:
Philip Croyle – Ext. 8800

Advertising Representatives:
Rachelle Foster – Ext. 8201

Lee Rettig – Ext. 8275

David Croyle

General Reporters:
Jonathan Weaver

Finance/Business Administration:
Ann Dranzik

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  • By bigjohn, October 12, 2015 @ 9:15 AM

    Keep up the good work. I check it out every morning on my computer. I also tell any advertisers that I saw the ad in your paper.
    John Lesnak..Kittanning.

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