Croyle Blasts News Group for Reporting Standards

David Croyle discusses community issues at a recent Kittanning Borough Council meeting. Croyle represents the First Ward. (KP File Photo)

The Reverend David Croyle has responded to an article appearing in today’s Leader-Times, citing an incident that occurred last June of stalking by a former employee.

According to court documents, charges were filed in the incident and the case was scheduled to go to court yesterday. However, Croyle said it was in the best interest of everyone to not continue with the trial and dropped charges.

“Our church and media organization teaches grace toward an individual who repents,” Croyle said. “It is unfortunate that the Trib news staff had to run an article that affected the lives of another person and myself in an incident where the District Attorney’s office was willing to dismiss the case. This damages reputations and does nothing to promote a sense of community in our county.”

Croyle is the minister at Family-Life Church, president of Family-Life Media-Com, and also the publisher of the Kittanning Paper.

Croyle said he acted on advice of legal counsel as well as his church board, and his personal integrity.

“Sometimes regret is its own sentence,” he said with empathy. “I believe my decision affords the opportunity to put the past behind and make a positive move for the future. We all make decisions in life that if we could do over, we would change.”

Croyle said his past experiences with the Trib-owned newspapers has not been complimentary since becoming a Kittanning Councilman and recently as a Republican candidate for Armstrong County Commissioner this year.

“There has been biased reporting and inaccurate information in an attempt to discredit me. Things I have said in past interviews have been skewed, so I have learned to use caution when dealing with them. The Kittanning Paper is their main competition and they will publish any article that puts me in a questionable light, regardless of who it affects.”