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Online Refresher Training Program for X-Ray Equipment Operators Offered

The Department of Environmental Protection announced today it has partnered with a professor of health physics from Bloomsburg University to develop refresher training materials for operators of X-ray equipment who conduct low-risk procedures such as general radiography and dental X-rays.

“Continued radiation protection training can reduce the number and seriousness of accidents associated with X-ray usage,” DEP Bureau of Radiation Protection Director Dave Allard said. “So it is important that X-ray operators retain and further develop their skills to continuously improve safety practices and protect patients and public health.”

DEP regulations require operators to document that they have completed a recommended two contact hours or four units of continuing education every four years in specialized subject areas such as sources of radiation exposure and methods of protection. The subject areas should be applicable to the procedures they perform and equipment they use.

Generic training materials for low-risk procedures have been developed for DEP by a Bloomsburg University professor of health physics to assist X-ray equipment registrants in ensuring the continuing education regulatory requirements are met for the safe operation of X-ray systems.

Included in the refresher training materials posted online are a fact sheet, PowerPoint presentation and associated training notes that can be downloaded at no cost.

The refresher training program is available to X-ray equipment operators on DEP’s website at, keyword: X-ray Refresher Training.

For additional information, contact DEP’s Bureau of Radiation Protection at 717-787-3720.

Local Man Accused of Disorderly Conduct in Bar Released from Jail

A Kittanning man charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in a Ford City bar Saturday morning has been released from jail.

Glenn Westwood, 28, is accused by Pennsylvania State Police troopers of becoming  combative and disorderly when asked to leave Stanley’s Bar along 4th Avenue in Ford City during the holiday weekend after Westwood threatened to fight patrons and toward the bar manager.

Even though he waived his right to a preliminary hearing, District Magisterial Judge Gary DeComo released Westwood from the Armstrong County Jail in Rayburn Township on his own recognizance at his preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, and reduced his bail from $7,500 to $0.

According to the State Police report, troopers arrived at the scene with Ford City officers, and noted that Westwood continued to be argumentative and combative while being searched for officer safety. Westwood even allegedly attempted to fight troopers, causing him to be tazed.

Westwood was arraigned before District Magisterial Judge James Owen and held in the Armstrong County Jail for three days.

Westwood is charged with three misdemeanor offenses and a summary charge from that morning’s arrest – including misdemeanor disorderly conduct due to fighting, misdemeanor resisting arrest and summary public drunkenness.