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Speeding Drivers “Dangerous Situation” in Manor Township

Manor Township Secretary Jill Davis reads the resignation letter from Township Emergency Management Coordinator Timothy Bunta. The position will be advertised for interested residents on the municipal website, and is open to residents of all local municipalities.

by Jonathan Weaver

Manor Township Police will closely monitor a neighborhood across from Route 66 for speeding motorists in the coming weeks after a resident concern.

Resident Bob McGowan – a homeowner at the intersection of Piper and Overbrook Drives – told township supervisors there has been a ‘never-ending stream’ of speeding traffic in his neighborhood despite the 25 mile-per-hour speed limit.

“We need a couple of stop signs right there – the speeders are just out-of-control,” McGowan said. “That 25 (mile per hour speed limit) is a joke. Out of 100 cars, I bet 90-95 are exceeding the speed limit.”

The speeding motorists have also caused damage to his property and are also a possible hazard for older neighbors

“It’s a dangerous situation,” McGowan said.

Neighbor Ed Taladay has lived along Piper Drive for more than 40 years. Drivers have also damaged his fencing in the past, and he noted a disabled man also lives in the neighborhood.

“I feel threatened mowing the grass along the road because I can feel the breeze off of them,” Taladay said. “Nobody abides by the speed limit.”

Taladay was also worried about his grandchildren that get picked up for school in the neighborhood.

“There are mornings that they have to jam on the brakes to keep from ramming into the bus,” Taladay said. “It is bad – and it isn’t getting any better.”

Terrace Avenue Resident Larry Cecchi said many of the speeding motorists are found from 7-9AM.

Supervisor Chair James McGinnis said Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder (VASCAR) detection lines have been used in the neighborhood – which he said motorists use as a shortcut to get to Garretts Run Road – but they are only effective for so long.

McGowan predicted part-time officers will have writer’s cramp from the amount of driving tickets issued to drivers.

In other business, supervisors recommended Shadco LLC contractors from Marion Center (Indiana County) to install new storm sewers and pave Short Street as part of the township Community Development Block Grant project this summer.

Shadco was the lowest responsible bidder of about five bidders during a special meeting bid opening a few weeks ago with Engineer Mike Malak and County Division Director Adrienne Commodore

According to bidding documents, the project – which will impact about five households that registered of low-to-moderate income along the road beside the McGrann post office – will include the installation of inlets, storm sewers and outfall, with the redirection of surrounding gravel alleys to the new inlets and the repaving of the affected alleys.

However, if a DRN number is not received, the second most-responsible bidder -Tim Fouse Excavating of Kittanning – will be awarded the contract.

The recommended contractors have 60 days to complete the project after it is approved.

Township Secretary Jill Davis also announced she received a letter of resignation.

Township Emergency Management Coordinator Timothy Bunta resigned his position, via a letter received today.

In the letter read by Davis, Bunta resigned due to family and professional commitments.

Bunta was Emergency Management Coordinator for the past 15 years.

Bunta agreed to continue to serve during the replacement process.

Supervisor Paul Rearick first recommended accepting Bunta’s resignation with regret.

“It’s a thankless job,” Rearick said.

Supervisor McGinnis and Davis also praised Bunta’s efforts.

“He was very good at what he did,” Davis added.

County Public Safety Director Randy Brozenick’s office has also been aware of Bunta’s decision.

Supervisors will advertise the vacant position on the municipality website. At the meeting, Resident Bill McMaster said he was interested in finding out more information about the position.