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Home Security Seminar Attracts Local Residents

Manor Township Police Corporal Eric Petrosky presents burglary statistics during the beginning of his home security seminar presentation last night at the Manor Township municipal building. More than two dozen township and local residents attended the event

by Jonathan Weaver

Manor Township’s first proactive seminar attracted the attention of more than two dozen homeowners from the municipality, as well as Ford City, Kittanning and Manorville last night.

The home security seminar was brainstormed by Supervisor Don Palmer and Police Corporal Eric Petrosky – with Petrosky serving as the seminar’s keynote speaker.

“We decided to put this program together after hearing some of the concerns we had out there in the public,” Palmer reiterated last night. “Cooperatively, we sat down and discussed some of the things that were going on in the township and we came up with a plan to share those with (homeowners), share some things that could happen that could be a concern and ways to protect yourself.”

“Since I was appointed supervisor in February, there’s a lot of people that share with information with me on how they’re afraid to live in their houses by themselves because of all the activity that’s going on. We had two choices: we could choose to ignore the problems we have until we’re forced into action or we could be proactive, recognize the problems we have (and) work with local government officials, police and the community.”

Corporal Petrosky recognized the drug problem that has worried homeowners. Police officers now offer a program where they can routinely check houses while homeowners are on vacation or out of the area to ensure valuables stay secure.

Of the more than 3,300 burglaries in the state last year, nearly 800 burglaries occurred at nighttime and more than 1,100 occurred during the day.

Manor Township Police was also represented by Chief Michael Karabin, Sergeant Terry Bish and Captain Frank Pitzer – who also served as a guest speaker last night.

County Commissioner Chair Pat Fabian – a former Manor Township supervisor – also attended the seminar.