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Manor Township Ordinances to be Voted on Next Month

Manor Township Supervisor Chair Paul Rearick (right) discusses one of the proposed ordinance changes during May’s public meeting.

by Jonathan Weaver

Some old Manor Township ordinances might be brought up-to-date at the beginning of June.

Manor Township’s proposed stormwater ordinance, solid waste ordinance, proposed large gathering ordinance, vegetative growth ordinance and revised junkyard and licensing of transient and retail businesses ordinance were all advertised and will be voted on at the June 1 regular meeting.

Supervisor Chair Paul Rearick explained the pending actions.

“Our ordinances have been antiquated, and we’ve sat down in committees and gone over them, revamped them or in some cases (Solicitor Andrew Sacco) has advised us to get rid of one and (write) another one,” Rearick said.

The floodplain ordinance is mandated in all local municipalities.

The municipality’s stormwater management ordinance – which is considered more-stringent than State requirements – will also be updated to correct outdated or poor verbage. The new verbage will not lessen those regulations.

Several local businesses – such as Steve’s Auto Body, Projectile Tube and even the new Armstrong Junior/Senior High School along Buffington Drive – have addressed the strict stormwater ordinance at public meetings and were required to re-look at original blueprints.

Steve’s Auto Body and Projectile Tube are considered in Manor Township’s Keystone Opportunity Zone in the Manor Township Business Park.

Rearick said other ordinances may also be considered for an update in the future and others may be written if residents feel there is a need for one.

An example may be the large gathering ordinance, which police officers recommended after an event last Fall at Falcon Park.

“(Officers) don’t want to wade into something where they don’t know what they’re getting into,” Rearick said.

Large groups of more than 150 people will need a permit if the proposed ordinance passes in two weeks.

A full copy of each proposed ordinance or change is available at the Manor Township Municipal Building along Byron Street or at the Steiner Sacco Law Office in Kittanning.

Safety Improvements Decided Near Local School

Students, faculty and staff walking to and from the NexTier Adult Learning Center at Lenape Tech for technical classes or Butler County Community College courses this Summer won’t have to stand along Armstrong Avenue in the dark or in fear of oncoming traffic after safety improvements instituted by Manor Township supervisors (KP File Photo)


by Jonathan Weaver

Students and teachers that will be walking to class in Manor Township this Summer will have two more reasons to breathe a little easier.

Manor Township supervisors last night approved to install a street light at the corner of Armstrong Street and Center Avenue (near the NexTier Adult Learning Center at Lenape Tech and the Butler County Community College at Armstrong satellite campus).

Supervisor Don Palmer and potentially one other local resident will incur a monthly street light tax for living within 250 feet of the proposed street light.

“If it’s dark, who knows? We live in a time that you don’t know (what could happen),” Palmer said. “So, by adding a light there, it increases safety. That’s what we’re all about.”

Township Secretary Jill Davis said residents who incur such a tax regularly pay about $25 per month.

A West Penn Power transformer is already at the intersection, so supervisors would only have to pay for electricity regularly.

Light-emitting diode lights would cost $200-$250 for the bracket.

Supervisor Bob Southworth advocated for the high pressure sodium light bulb to be installed in the pole to match other street lamps throughout the municipality.

“Why make one look different than the rest?” Southworth said.

Palmer and Supervisor Chair Paul Rearick agreed, and the street light purchase was approved unanimously.

Supervisor Palmer asked Davis to look into the costs after last month’s discussion regarding the new Town and Country Transit bus stop at the intersection. Palmer and Southworth agreed there are other areas in the township that need more lighting.

Police patrols have also increased in the Lenape Heights neighborhood.

Manor Township Police Sgt. Terry Bish, not appearing in uniform at last night’s public meeting of Supervisors, said that although there were more than 70 incidents, only one citation was issued.

Sgt. Terry Bish reported that of the department’s 74 incidents and a handful of warnings and citations issued during April, officers issued a single citation in the area and three warnings.

A resident of that area, Palmer said he has seen speeding and other traffic incidents at intersections near the Adult Learning Center.

“Since we’ve put the police department there and selected some focus areas, I think we’re seeing a reduction of that already just with their presence, Palmer said.

“The idea is not to give someone a ticket and take money out of their pocket – it’s to patrol the area and make it safe for everybody. There are a lot of people that walk up there, and when you have people running stop signs (or) speeding, it makes a dangerous situation for them.”

Lenape Tech students will work on the bus shelter as long as Manor Township provides the concrete. Southworth, also the township road foreman, will oversee students.