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Manor Road Repairs Starting Near End of Summer

Senate Engineering’s Ben Bothell reads bid tabulation sheets for repairs along Scout Run Road and Rosston Circle to supervisors last week. Both projects will begin in September/October.

by Jonathan Weaver

A pair of Manor Township road repairs are being improved by supervisors.

During a special meeting with Senate Engineering’s Ben Bothell last week, supervisors approved low bids for culvert replacement along Scout Run Road and storm sewer work along Rosston Circle.

The low bidder for culvert replacement came from Strange Corporation (of Harrisville – Butler County) in the amount of more than $170,000.

Even though Manor Township only received a Growing Greener grant of a little more than $135,000, Supervisors Don Palmer and Robert Southworth agreed to pick up the difference.

“I do feel we got good prices on the culvert,” Bothell said. “If we rebid, the same company would get it. The only other option is to wait til next year, and I don’t feel like that’s a good idea, either, because prices just go up every year.”

Supervisor Robert Southworth felt the urgency to do the project now for a different reason.

“I really think the first culvert is starting to collapse. This needs done, or we’re going to have people stuck back there,” Southworth said.

Construction is to start within two months. The project is estimated to be completed before the end of the year.

Storm sewers along Rosston Circle will also be repaired.

Senate Engineering’s Ben Bothell said out of a pair of bidders, R&B Contracting – of West Mifflin – submitted the lowest bid of more than $112,000.

Armstrong Conservation District Dave Rupert has agreed to increase the Low Volume Road grant from $50,000 to $100,000 contingent on Manor Township completing the rest of the work and assuming the remaining balance.

Officials originally knew they would contribute at least $30,000 given their estimate of project costs.

Rupert said the additional $50,000 will be given to township officials after an inspection by District Low Volume Roads Coordinator Gregg Smith.

Southworth – also township road foreman – said the storm sewers could be completed by the middle of October.

Additional funding will not be awarded until the project is completed.

Further Senate Engineering inspections are pending for both projects.