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New Truck, Trailer Purchased in Manor Township

Manor Township Supervisor Chair McGinnis signs off on the purchase of a 2015 Ford F-350 one-ton V8 truck for maintenance employees to use later this year during last week’s public meeting. The truck will cost less than $9,000 due to involvement in the state COSTARS program.

by Jonathan Weaver

Manor Township road employees will receive two new pieces of equipment before the start of summer.

After hearing proposals from Road Foreman Robert Southworth, supervisors unanimously agreed to purchase a 2015 Ford F-350 one-ton V8 truck and a trailer.

Between the time Southworth talked to supervisors individually and the public meeting, the price for the truck dropped $200 to $8,900 if purchased through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania cooperative purchasing program, COSTARS.

The one-ton truck would be capable of attaching a snow plow and hauling a salt spreader for during the winter, Southworth said. He said the upgraded truck would enable streets to be plowed faster.

“If we’re a truck down, it’s going to take us to where we are now instead of being short a truck – but if everything’s working right, and I fine-tune the system and the routes, we should be able to knock two hours off a run,” Southworth said. “(For example,) If we have to go out Saturday morning because it snowed Friday night, we should be (able to plow) two hours quicker.”

Since Southworth would utilize the truck as his individual work vehicle and keep it in his home garage, he will also be able to provide maintenance to any evening events that might be needed outside of the future-Armstrong Junior-Senior High School on Buffington Drive.

Supervisor Pat Fabian was initially concerned with how much the one-ton could plow, but Southworth said the truck will be able to plow miles of highway.

“It could plow any road we have to,” Southworth said.

By trading in the current silver 2012 half-ton pickup truck utilized for parts now, supervisors will also receive about $5,000 more as opposed to waiting another year.

“I like the idea of doing routes faster for the residents, faster routes means less comp time, which is another savings, and if one of our trucks does break down, we’re not losing any ground, Fabian said.
“I don’t know why we didn’t think of this a couple years ago – (the 2012) really doesn’t serve a purpose.”

Competitive bids were received, but the lowest price came from Tri-Star Motors in Blairsville, Pa.

The truck also carries a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty, as well as another five-year powertrain warranty regardless of what is hauled.

“The plow and spreaders can (be bought later). It doesn’t have to be right away,” Southworth said.

If bought, the plow and salt spreader would be General Fund purchases.

Fabian made the motion to utilize Capital Reserve funding for the purchase and it was unanimously approved.

Something else that supervisors agreed to purchase also can be hauled with the one-ton: a new trailer to haul the township roller.

The roller is currently kept at the township maintenance shed.

Fabian said the roller could also be utilized by other local municipalities if requested.

Supervisor Paul Rearick was also in-favor of the trailer purchase from Altmeyer’s Trailer Sales in Kittanning – which cost $4,375 from the Capital Reserve fund.

“This roller isn’t going to do us any good this summer sitting in the garage, and we need a trailer,” Rearick said.

Only a Ford dump truck in the township fleet is currently able to haul the trailer.

Supervisors budget $10,000 annually for building improvements.

Supervisors also plan in the future to purchase a new backhoe with Act 13 Marcellus Shale funds received.

In other business, supervisors unanimously accepted the resignation of part-time Police Officer Jacob Ingram, effective immediately.