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Manor Township Back at Square One with Website

Manor Township supervisors have a lot of decisions to make before Spring blooms – including about the current website structure, upcoming outdoor projects and police matters.

by Jonathan Weaver

Originally designed by two Lenape Tech students nearly three years ago, Manor Township supervisors might be refurbishing its current website in the coming months.

The municipality website got a makeover, with new tabs of information, at the end of March 2014, but officials and police officers have been unable to meet with Website Administrator Tony Arduini often enough to learn to update the site regularly.

Township Supervisor Pat Fabian has reviewed other municipality websites, and has reviewed municipal websites both better and worse than Manor Township’s current page.

“We don’t have minutes, any agendas uploaded from this year, there’s a picture of someone up there I haven’t seen in my life – it’s unfortunate Jill or (Police Sgt. Terry Bish) can’t get stuff up there. It’s frustrating,” Fabian said. “People can’t use it how intended for it to be used. If he’s getting out of the business, what happens down the road when something does happen to this website?

“I’d hate to go with somebody else, because it does look good and we’d have to start the process all over again. Where do we go from here?”

Davis also questioned who would host the site in the future.

The website used to be hosted by Allegheny Graphics in West Kittanning.

For the upcoming meeting in two weeks, Police Sergeant Terry Bish will also receive updated quotes for the department to purchase a 2014 Ford Utility Police Interceptor SUV.

As per the last bid quote received, the vehicle would cost about $34,000 with graphics and all police standard material. It would take until about three or four months to get everything ordered.

A Sports Utility Vehicle was recommended due to the rural roads throughout the municipality.

Both current vehicles – a 2004 blue unmarked car with about 80,000 miles and a 2008 car, respectively – are functional, according to Road Master Robert Southworth, even though supervisors have had to approve a new transmission and alternator, among other items.

“It really comes down to a dependability issue,” Sgt. Bish said. “You couldn’t even turn the lights on in it. One of the officers was coming down the hill and the lights went completely out in it – he had to put the take-down lights on just to get back to the station.”

Police Chief Michael Karabin said that Officer Jacob McMaster has completed his probationary period and recommended that he be given the dollar per hour raise as other part-time officers currently earn. Part-time officers are paid $14.93 per hour.

Township supervisors also met with police officers last night to discuss the upcoming schedule.

A pre-bid meeting with township officials to discuss the Short Street stormwater project utilizing Community Development Block Grant funds will be held at 9AM April 7 with County Division Director Adrienne Commodore. Bid opening will be held at an April 14 special meeting at 9AM.