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Newest Councilwoman Excited to Be Transit Representative

by Jonathan Weaver

Ford City Borough’s newest councilperson is also the latest to represent the Borough in transit matters.

Councilwoman Beth Bowser, who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Scott Gaiser as Second Ward Council member, went to her Town and Country Transit (TACT) board meeting in August.

Mayor Marc Mantini was previously Ford City’s representative, but resigned in April. Representatives from the participating municipalities – including Applewold, Kittanning, West Kittanning, Manor Township, Manorville and East Franklin – accepted his resignation in June.

Bowser said Ford City Borough Council President Kathy Bartuccio asked Bowser if she was able to attend the August board meetings, and she was. Bowser will also be available at the meetings the third week of each month for the remainder of the year.

During her discussion of the August meeting, Bowser said TACT General Manager Patti Lynn Baker and Operations Manager Gerry Miller offered the community a bus shelter.

“It’s 4 (foot) by 8 (foot) in dimension and require a cut curb – which would work in the Business (District),” Bowser said. “The biggest bus stop they have with the most amount of people is by Greenbaum’s Furniture and Klingensmith Healthcare.”

After interest was expressed by council members, Bowser was directed to take the possibility before the borough Street Committee – to which she is a part of.

She also invited the rest of the council members to the transit authority’s 40th anniversary celebration Saturday, October 3

Former Borough Council President Lou Vergari represented the municipality with transit decisions until Winter 2014.

Ford City Borough Council woman Beth Bowser (center, right) will be the municipality’s Town and Country Transit board representative for the remainder of the year after Mayor Marc Mantini resigned effective in June.