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Intersection Widening Awaiting Final PennDOT Approval

An L.R. Kimball graphic of the new Route 422/Buffington Road intersection that will be completed soon, as shown during an Armstrong School District board meeting in June 2013. (KP File Photo)

By Jonathan Weaver
During the next few weeks, motorists might see more construction efforts at a Route 422 intersection if final approval is received.

Crews will be working on widening the Buffington Drive intersection in Manor Township to create two lanes for increased motor traffic when Armstrong Junior-Senior High School opens in August 2015.

L. R. Kimball Project Manager Brian Hayes described the work to be done at May’s regular school board meeting.

“As you’re coming downhill on Route 422, there will be a traffic light at this intersection. You’ll be able to take a (left-hand turn) on to Buffington Drive,” Hayes said. “As you’re coming uphill, there will be a (right-turn) only lane that merges into one lane going up. Coming downhill from Buffington, there’s a left-hand turn and a right-hand turn.”

$700,000 was budgeted for the intersection project, but crews had to cut into the hillside through another property acquisition.

Manor Township supervisors were reminded of the work that will be done at their August board meeting.

Township Secretary/Treasurer Jill Davis spoke with School Superintendent Stan Chapp.

“To do that, PennDOT’s requiring a letter of credit for $875,000. It will be in the township’s name, but they already have the $875,000 in an account that they cannot touch until this intersection’s done.”

Intersection efforts should be completed in September.

In July 2013, Region III School Director Stan Berdell asked if there would be additional street lighting on Indiana Pike or along Buffington Road, to which Hayes and Board President Joseph Close said poles would be built for such, but not illuminated yet.

Turning lanes will also be added at the South Water Street intersection to where there will be three lanes merging together toward the new school entrance.

To add those lanes, engineers put out for an independent analysis if the current box span of wires for traffic light could hold extra signage and lights. But, that analysis came back negative, so updates will have to be made.

A change order was authorized for tree removal during the spring to allow for the intersection widening.