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School Tax Claim Sale Pulled from ASD Agenda

Eight of the nine Armstrong School District board members were in-attendance at last night’s regular meeting. Board Director James Rearic was absent.

By Jonathan Weaver

An Armstrong School District business item was pulled from last night’s regular meeting agenda after further discussion.

Before it was to be voted upon, School Board President Joseph Close informed residents that the sale of 2014 real estate tax claims was taken off the agenda.

At last week’s open caucus session, Director of Business Affairs John Zenone told, board directors the annual agreement would sell delinquent 2014 tax claims to Municipal Revenue Services, Inc. of McKean (Erie County), Pa. for an unknown amount of money.

But, it would also cost the district at least $141,000 as well as 4.75 percent in interest of the amount the district receives at closing.

That led board directors to want to seek more detailed figures, Close said.

“We want to get some numbers on it and see what that program is going to cost us – the dollars and cents it would cost to get out of the program now,” Close said. “given money when we got into the program and now we have to give some money back. We want to see what those numbers are and see if our budget can absorb those.”

Superintendent Stan Chapp said there is still enough time to review those figures before a vote is taken.

While an executive session was held before the meeting, board directors also reconvened after the meeting for personnel reasons.

One of the dozen agenda items that was approved was authorization of the district’s Special Education Plan Report for the next three years.

The 47-page report, which can be accessed on the school website, identified more than 1,000 students.

At last week’s open caucus session, Special Education and Pupil Services Coordinator Dr. Michael Glew summarized the report for board officials.

“The Department of Education requires that we complete a strategic plan every six years. In 2011, the department revised the process and format, combining plans for academic standards and assessment, professional education, teacher induction, educational instruction, teacher services and special education into one: thereby a comprehensive plan

The report ‘will guide our continuous improvement efforts to identify future goals and improve educational opportunities and achievement for all students,’ Glew continued.

Professional safeguards were also built into the action plan that will go into effect at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1.

The report is also an accurate blueprint for staff development until 2017, Glew said.

Board Vice-President Christopher Choncek said he attended Kittanning Senior High School’s spring musical of “Alice in Wonderland” and Ford City Junior-Senior High School’s performance of “Once Upon a Mattress” the past two weekends, and was impressed by both.

“It’s just amazing the talent we have in this district,” Choncek said.

Ford City Student Representative Lauren Pyle – who played “Queen Aggravain” in “Once Upon a Mattress” said after Kittanning students attended Ford City’s musical at the beginning of the month, Ford City actors reciprocated the action in a show of support.