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Guilty Plea Filed in Rural Valley Assault

Carl Binion, before he was released on his own recognizance.

A Rural Valley man plead guilty yesterday afternoon to making terroristic threats and assaulting a 22-year-old pregnant woman in December.

Carl Binion plead guilty to the two misdemeanor crimes before Judge James Panchik after agreeing to a plea deal with District Attorney Scott Andreassi.

Binion was also being charged with felony bench warrants pursuant to probation violations in the state of Ohio and summary harassment, but both of those charges were dropped in the plea agreement

According to the original affidavit filed by Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Timothy Amy, the charges came following a verbal disagreement that started between Binion and Tiffany Kaufman in their joint apartment residence about 5AM December 7.  As it became more physical, Kaufman went to exit the living room of the residence when Binion put his hands around her neck and up against a wall, squeezing her airway.

Kaufman, who then was four months pregnant with Binion’s child, told state police troopers that Binion made two verbal threats against her: one informing her that she would die if she called the police and the other of “B!*&, I don’t care if you are pregnant, I will put you six feet under.”

Binion was taken into custody and arraigned by District Magisterial Judge James Andring that morning, as well as being placed in the Armstrong County Jail on $15,000 monetary bond with a detainer.

Binion was later released on his own recognizance and waived his preliminary hearing the next day.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 5 at the Armstrong County Courthouse before President Judge Kenneth Valasek.


2012 Drug Sale Accomplice Sentenced to Jail

Along with six months of confinement in his residence, Kevin Russell of Pittsburgh will serve up to two years in the Armstrong County Jail for his role in a sale of 50 stamp bags of heroin to an undercover police officer and a confidential informant in 2012 (KP File Photo)

By Jonathan Weaver

A Pittsburgh man who aided a Ford City man sell heroin was sentenced to up to two years in the Armstrong County Jail earlier this week.

Kevin Russell, 30 of Pittsburgh was sentenced for six months to two years of incarceration after selling blocks of heroin to a confidential informant working alongside the Armstrong County Drug Task Force in August 2012.

According to the original affidavit of probable cause, Russell was arrested alongside Zachary Porter, 22 of Ford City August 20, 2012 by Officer Greg Koprivnak during an evening undercover sale.

That evening, the confidential informant and an undercover-Officer Amy Dice bought a block of heroin – or 50 stamp bags worth – from Porter along McKean Street in Kittanning Borough.

At approximately 8:30PM August 20, the undercover officer and confidential informant first saw Porter and Russell – who Porter referred to as “Ace” – near the former Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus
After Porter and Russell completed the transaction and exited the vehicle, Officer Koprivnak noted 50 glassine stamp bags wrapped in rubber bands – 10 being pink in color with no logo, but the other 40 stamp bags white with the logo “VIP” stamped on them. All were positive for heroin.

From the time the confidential informant initially called Porter until the substances were tested took less than an hour.

The transaction also took place within 1,000 feet of Kittanning Junior High.

Criminal complaints were made on September 7 that year, when both men were charged with two felony counts of manufacture, delivery and possession with intent to deliver said substances, felony conspiracy, another misdemeanor charge or intent to deliver drug paraphernalia, and a misdemeanor possession charge.
Porter – who the initial phone call was made to -was also charged with felony criminal use of a communication facility.

In March 2013, Porter pled guilty to one of the possession with intent to deliver charges and was also sentenced to six months to two years in the Armstrong County Jail that May. More than 100 additional days are scheduled for within his residence.

Parole was revoked earlier this month.

Russell also has the opportunity to serve six months of his time within his private residence.
Both men were also sentenced during their respective sentencing dates to serve community service, undergo treatment at ARC Manor and refrain from entering establishments that sell alcoholic beverages.

In June 2013, Russell also pled guilty to driving under the influence and with a suspended license.