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Local Police Look For Suspicious Vehicle

Area police are watching for a van that frightened two pre-teens last Thursday in Ford City. The two occupants appeared to be following the girls, then was approached by a neighbor who called their activity “suspicious”.

by David Croyle

Area police are watching out for a vehicle in which occupants were acting “suspicious” last Thursday around Noon.

Ford City Police Sergeant John Atherton described the incident that alarmed area residents.

“There were two young female juveniles, 10 and 11 years old, playing in the 1100 block of Fourth Avenue. They were walking southbound by the Ford City High School building and the vehicle traveled very slowly. The juveniles believed the vehicle was following them at that location. They turned around and began to run and they saw the vehicle turned around and parked across the street. They saw a neighbor out doing yard work and they reported the incident to the neighbor (who was an adult).”

The neighbor reported to police that the occupants got out of their vehicle and went to a house on the 1100 block of Fourth Avenue and knocked on the door.

“She questioned them about their actions,” Atherton said. “They identified themselves as being from the gas company but they were in civilian clothing. The van had no markings (to indicate it was a utility vehicle). They were searching the neighborhood (because) there was a house with no house number on it. She requested identification and she said one of the persons produced an ID badge but she wasn’t close enough to get the identity and she failed to obtain the identity of the registration plate of the vehicle.”

The vehicle is described as a dark colored full size van with windows. It possibly was a dark blue or black color. The vehicle had two white male occupants in their 30′s or 40′s.  The first occupant was of average height with dark hair wearing dark pants and a dark shirt. He had a medium build with a raspy voice. He was older than the other occupant.  The second occupant was described as a white male with a thinner build. He was wearing a ball cap and glasses. He was the person who produced the identification tag.

Both young girls said the actors had mustaches. One was wearing a dark shirt and the other actor with the identification tag had a yellow shirt. They both were described as having dark hair.

“We don’t know what activities they were involved in at this point. Both the girls and the neighbor said something didn’t seem right.”

Atherton said other police departments in the area have been notified. He reminded residents that if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, to call 911 immediately.