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Kittanning Borough Adding Summer Help

Kittanning Borough Employee Ben McCanna’s first job when he began last week was to trim weeds in Community Park.

by Jonathan Weaver

Kittanning Borough’s workforce will increase as the summer sun heats up.

At last week’s Council meeting, Council members unanimously approved to bring back local resident Ben McCanna to work for 89 days.

Personnel Committee Member Kim Fox spoke with Street Supervisor Jim Mechling before last week’s Council meeting about bringing back the summer help.

Council President Andy Peters said the Borough will start with one extra laborer, but council members also agreed to accept applications for additional part-time summer help

McCanna, 35, began at 7AM June 2 and was cutting grass and trimming weeks later that morning at Community Park.

“If I’m outside, I’m happy,” McCanna said. “Whatever they need done.”

The Borough’s third ward resident was informed by Fox via text message about 8:45PM the evening of the council meeting.

McCanna – a 1998 Kittanning Senior High and Lenape Tech graduate who wanted to work in forestry – formerly worked at Warehouse Manager at Furniture World in Manor Township for 15 years and is a relative of former Councilwoman Lisa McCanna.

The father of soon-to-be nine-year-old son Corjan said he gets along well with the rest of the Street Department – especially since he grew up with most of the workers.

Until November 2014, McCanna’s duties included painting curbs and raking leaves

Mechling said McCanna’s duties will expand this summer because of two employees being off.

“He’s going to pick up the slack – do all the things the other guys are doing, but on a lower pay scale,” Mechling said.

Mechling said that McCanna will usually work from 7AM-3:30PM.

Personnel committee members are also discussing hiring a part-time meter attendant and part-time patrolman with Police Chief Bruce Mathews.