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Revitalization Posies Get Planted Before Winter

M&B Services Laborer Dave Boyles plants shrubs in front of Citizens Bank yesterday as part of the beautification project in downtown Kittanning.

Kittanning Borough Paving Might Conclude by Halloween

Motorists slowly pass through the intersection of North McKean Street and Union Avenue in Kittanning Borough Monday evening. Union Avenue – near Melody Manor Personal Care Home – was one of the first streets milled by Tresco Paving crews last week.

By Jonathan Weaver

Just in time for Trick or Treat in Kittanning Borough, paving operations on nearly a half-dozen local streets have begun.

Kittanning Borough Council President Randy Cloak said Tresco Paving – the same company that paved alleys in Ford City last month and in September 2013 – began its work in Kittanning last week.

“The project first started with the milling of Union Avenue last Thursday,” Cloak said.

The project overall will include resurfacing and replacement of disability ramps along North Grant Avenue, North Water Street, Union Avenue and portions of North McKean and North Jefferson Streets. The latter two portions were switched out with the plan to resurface Jacob Street due to the successful acquisition of a nearly-$220,000 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant.

Cloak said paving operations could be complete by the end of the month.

“It’s my understanding that they will have all the milling done (tomorrow), and the paving team should be done about a week after that,” Cloak said. “Once they get started, it should only take about a week.”

For the past month, Borough Council members expected road crews to be in the area either this week or next at the latest.

When bids were opened in April, Tresco, from Pittsburgh, was the lowest of six bidders – at a cost about $516,000.

Payment for the resurfacing will come from a $700,000 loan officially adopted in August.

“It is quite an arduous process to apply,” Cloak said. “We borrowed the $700,000 from the (Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority) – which enables us to pledge our Liquid Fuels allocation from the state for the next 10 years to pay this loan, with payments about $75,000 per year. With the transportation bill last year, our allotment is increasing significantly – so by the time this loan is completely paid off, we’ll actually be receiving the exact amount we’re receiving now. It evens itself out the next four-five years.”

Earlier this year, Cloak said the Borough’s Liquid Fuels allocation might increase as much as 60 percent thanks to the $2.3 billion transportation bill signed by Governor Tom Corbett in November. Council members first discussed a $400,000 loan before it was increased to $700,000.

The Jacob Street repaving should commence in Summer 2015. The local monetary match for that paving will also come from the $700,000 loan.

“Hopefully next year we’ll be able to continue with these projects,” Cloak said. “We’re implementing a new program to where every summer there is significant paving occurring in the Borough, until we get in the situation where all of our roads are in tip-top shape and none of them fall into the disrepair they’re currently in.”

Borough Engineer Senate Engineering is overseeing the project.

Budget meetings began about two months ago, with the intent for more during the next few weeks and a preliminary budget proposal at the November 3rd council meeting.

“I think it’s wonderful to sit in traffic jams trying to get into Kittanning when those traffic jams are being caused by construction crews fixing the bridge or the intersection for the new school being built for the next chapter or Armstrong County’s history,” Cloak concluded. “The growth we see here in downtown Kittanning and all around is proof that Armstrong County is continuing to move forward.”

The paving is going on while M&B Services of Clarion continues Phase 1 of the revitalization project along Market Street.