Police Chief Advises Kittanning Council of Traffic Light Maintenance Issue

2017 KP File Photo

During Kittanning’s Revitalization program, traffic lights were replaced along Market Street. In this KP File Photo from February 23, 2017, workers install new traffic lights at the intersection of Market and North Jefferson Street. According to Police Chief Bruce Mathews, bulbs in those lights are burning out at a rapid rate and need to be checked.

Traffic lights in Kittanning Borough are burning out at a more rapid rate than anticipated.

That was the concern brought to Kittanning Council by its police chief, Bruce Mathews.

“It seems to be all green lights,” Mathews said. “Turnaround has been quick to get replacements, but is it a bad batch? Something needs to be wrong since it is only the green ones. We need to backtrack to have it evaluated.  When warranty is done, we will be in a bad spot.”

Mathews estimated the cost of replacing the new LED-type bulb to be between $800-$900.

According to Mathews, all bulbs in the traffic light are identical. They shine through colored lenses. However, it is the bulb in the “green” position that is not providing service.

“We were told these were long-life bulbs, expected to last as long as ten years,” he said. “They are less voltage, and cheaper to operate. But they are not performing to specification.”

Mathews will be contacting the contractor, M&B Services, as well as the Armstrong County Planning and Development office to get support from the manufacturer on the issue.

As of last night, motorists were reporting outages with the green light as they are coming off the Citizen’s Bridge into Kittanning.

Meanwhile, he urged caution if motorists encounter a traffic light that appears to not be functioning correctly.