AUTO: A Question on a Dodge Caravan

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Dear Motor Medics,
I drive a 2009 Dodge Caravan with the sport package. I use it for daily driving and on weekends I tow a boat in the summer and two snowmobiles in the winter. Last month my trailer light wiring harness that plugs in under the vehicle corroded so badly that I removed it from the main harness and carefully closed and protected the bare wires. After the plug removal I removed the tail lamps and carefully connected the trailer harness directly to the tail and brake lamp wires so they would not come off or short. I have hauled the trailer about three times now and on the most recent trip both turn signals failed. I don’t see any burnt fuses, but I get to power to the lights.
Daryl in Newport Beach Rhode Island

Dear Daryl,
The Caravans now contain a front control module that controls lighting functions including the taillights and trailer lighting. When built, the trailer lights were on a separate circuit than the taillights. The tail lamp circuit is made to only carry the amp load of the two tail lamps and no more. If any extra load is added by way of a trailer the module can overload which can destroy it. The first step is to remove the added wiring and check fuses. If there is still no power you will need to have the module checked and possibly replaced.
Take care, the Motor Medics