School Board Signs Five-Year Agreement with Superintendent DeVivo

Superintendent Christopher DeVivo has accepted another five-year contract as chief administrator of the Armstrong School District.

The Armstrong School District school board approved another five-year contract for their chief administrator.

Christopher DeVivo has served the District for the past five years as superintendent.  ASD School Board President Chris Choncek spoke highly of his leadership.

“Mr. DeVivo has been doing good work over the last few years which has led to renewal of his contract,” Choncek said in a public statement. “He and his team have had a lot of accomplishments over the years and have continued to lead this District in positive ways. His vision, as well as the vision from his team, has continued to tackle all the obstacles and challenges presented to them. They have worked very well with the Board and we are very pleased.”

DeVivo responded by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

“I am extremely grateful and excited to be able to continue serve the Armstrong School District. I look forward to continue the positive work of the Board, our outstanding teachers and administrators, and every staff member that interacts with our students on a day-to-day basis. I look forward to getting busy for another five years. ”

DeVivo’s contract renewal received full support of the board members present, with Stan Burdell being absent.

DeVivo’s salary under the new contract is set at $177,188. He will receive an annual raise of two-percent each year, receiving $195,630 by the end of the contract in 2025.

Insiders said there were no other additional perks awarded in this contract, which contributed to the full support of the Board for its renewal.