ASD School Board President Says Goodbye to His Fellow Directors

Last night was Chris Choncek’s last school board meeting as a Director.

Christopher Choncek, who has been a member on the Armstrong School District Board of Directors said farewell last night to a position he has held for the past twelve years.

Choncek chose not to run again in this year’s election and used his last meeting to offer gratitude for the experience.

“I want to thank the public for their support over these years. It wasn’t always easy. It was very stressful and very controversial. If I didn’t have all my constituents, taxpayers, parents, family, and friends, I would not have been able to maintain the level of energy required to get through those tough years.”

Choncek served at a time when the school board was divided over consolidation and took a few moments to recall the struggle with the closing of Elderton, Kittanning, and Ford City high schools and the construction of Armstrong High School.

“It wasn’t unusual for meetings to be as long as 7 hours. Some of the topics of discussion were really controversial. They would usually begin with a heated debate and end with an all-out argument. It wasn’t our proudest moments as a Board. It was very difficult and probably very necessary. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. With all those tough times, I wouldn’t have made any different decisions that would have made it easier on me or the Board. I think what we did collectively as a Board helped to move this District in a very profound and positive way. I’m very proud of everyone getting behind the Board and allowing that to happen.”

Choncek recognized his wife, Connie, who was in the audience last night. “She endured the stress with me,” he said.

“I want to wish this Board and the administration the best luck in the future,” he concluded. “I look forward to reading about you in the papers. I don’t think you will see me at the podium any time soon,” he said with a chuckle.