Ford City Funding Approved for Borough Manager

Ford City Borough Council will add another level of administration when a new borough manager is hired. A three-year grant is making it possible.

Ford City Borough has received a $127,500, three-year grant from the Department of Economic Development (DCED).

These funds are provided through the department’s Strategic Management Planning Program and will be used to implement

Recommendation 11 from Phase I to fill the borough manager position within the borough. The announcement comes as Ford City Borough officials learned of the grant award on October 28, 2019. The grant represents funding of the position through the grant at 75% for the first year, 50% for the second year, and 25% for the third and final year. The grant is non-renewable after the three-year term.

“With a new comprehensive plan adopted earlier this year, part of the responsibilities of the manager will be to follow through on the recommendations and move forward with our current and future infrastructure initiatives,” said Carol Fenyes Council President. “Again, this is a step forward for Ford City,”

The borough manager will be expected to oversee all aspects of the borough’s daily administration as well as human resources, budget management along with the borough treasurer, grant writing, administration, and interacting with local municipal, state and federal authorities to accomplish the objectives of borough council.

“Borough council has evaluated our staffing and personnel over the past two years and believed bringing in a borough manager would help with the efficiency of administration and citizen issues and better streamline communication among all departments and committees” said, Tyson Klukan, Council Vice President.

The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services offers the Strategic Management Planning Program (STMP) to provide guidance for municipalities interested in an improved fiscal position. Financial assistance is available for the development and implementation of multiyear financial management plans. The goal of the STMP is to promote management best practices to promote the financial stability of municipalities and ultimately avert fiscal distress.