PETS: Daughter-Doggie Cares for Blind Mother-Doggie at Shelter

Beepers and Oreo at Orphans of the Storm

Beepers and Oreo had a loving home, but then their owner became ill and could no longer care for them.

They don’t understand why they are at the shelter, but they have each other. They have never been separated. They are a special pair. Beepers is Oreo’s mother. She is blind. She counts on Oreo for support. When you meet these dogs you see how loving and devoted dogs can be to each other.

Beepers and Oreo will only be adopted together to the proper and to the most special of homes. They would do best in a home without children.

If you are interested in adopting or learning more about this special pair, please contact the Orphans of the Storm animal shelter in Rayburn Township at 724-548-4520.