Historical Headlines – November 7

11/07/1969 – Dr. Richard G. Stottlemyer, 48, was employed as the new superintendent of schools for Armstrong School District last night.

11/07/1969 – A talk by Miss Mabel Black concerning her summer travels in England and Europe highlighted the latest meeting of the Dayton Grangers.

11/07/1969 – A former Kittanning High School chemistry and physics teacher, Wade E. Baker, 76, of 413 North Ave., Kittanning, died today at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital. He was a Kittanning resident since 1929 and taught at the high school for 28 years, retiring in 1957.

11/07/1969 – The Reverend Russell Bixler, pastor of the Pittsburgh Church of the Brethren, is the guest minister this week at the Plumcreek Church of the Brethren near Elderton. Bixler has been pasturing the Pittsburgh church for eleven years. He has been active in denominational and interdenominational circles.

11/07/1964 – Scores of firemen joined owners of Perry and Megnin Lumber Co. today in trying to keep a raging fire from reaching the office and mill buildings of the barrel stave manufacturer at Whitesburg.

11/07/1964 – Kittanningites had their first bills for sewer rent today at increased rates and under a new collection system.

11/07/1959 – Kittanning burgess Charles J. Hoey signed a proclamation calling on citizens to participate in American Education Week, which will be observed next week. Open house will be held in area schools, and displays will be placed in the Ringgold Building.

11/07/1959 – William R. Stitt of Kittanning RD 2 received a $175 scholarship at Pennsylvania State University. Stitt, a freshman in agricultural engineering, was one of three students receiving New Holland Scholarship awards at Penn State this year.

11/07/1959 – The Ford City Glassers upset Kittanning 7-6 for their first victory of the season in the final game of the year.The game took place on the Ford City field, with a crowd of 3,000 shivering and looking on.

11/07/1949 – Miss Bonnie Hiwiller, Kittanning soprano, has been chosen guest soloist for the first fall concert of Kittanning Men’s Chorus.

11/07/1949 – Mahoning: Paul Koladish of Reesedale met death here this morning when he fell from the Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad bridge down to the beach of the Allegheny River at the eastern end of the bridge. Foreman of a P&S section crew, he was on his way to work at the time.

11/07/1949 – Overheated Furnace Blamed For $3,500 Spring Church Lutheran Church Fire.

11/07/1944 – Human bones in a homemade casket, found in a barn on the unoccupied farm of Chris Hooks in Washington Township caused quite a commotion in that territory. Sgt. Marcus White and Pvt. Lawrence Nee of the Pennsylvania State Police substation here, who were called to investigate, said it had been learned the coffin and bones were used in the initiation ritual of a secret organization. No names were disclosed, but a pamphlet of organization rules, bearing no title, was located in the small pine box.

11/07/1939 – Borough councilmen reject four bids of steel scrap at their meeting here, on the theory that the scrap market will go higher. The borough owns an estimated 100 tons or more of the steel, donated by the railways company as a consideration for release from its franchise nearly three years ago. Most of the rail came from North McKean Street, although switches were also taken from Orr Avenue.

11/07/1939 – Indication that a light vote would be cast in Kittanning today was given when a noon survey of the four polling places revealed less than 500 citizens had cast ballots.

11/07/1934 – Nation Favors New Deal is today’s headline.

11/07/1934 – Ford City Democratic second time in history.

11/07/1934 – The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herpel was celebrated at their home in McGrann.

11/07/1929 – At a meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. S. F. Young was elected president and Miss Nancy Daugherty, vice president.

11/07/1929 – Turney B. Richardson of Orr Ave. met almost instant death under a fall of rock in the mines of the McNees-Coose Coal Company, in Rayburn Twp.

BIBLE MEDITATIONAnd at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying… My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? – Mark 15:34.       When forced to go through some awful hour, have we not wondered if God failed us?