Ford City Winners Still Not Decided

Ford City Councilmen Marc Mantini and Raymond Klukan decided to give up their council seats. Then Klukan decided to run a write-in campaign to hold on to his seat. 

Write-in votes totaled 260 in Ford City Borough’s 1st Ward and delayed announcement of the winner in the council race.

Republican Carol Fenyes, who now serves as council president, received 202 votes. Former councilwoman Vicki Schaub received 159 votes. Until the 260 votes are tallied, the third council seat is yet to be determined.

There are three seats available. Fenyes is attempting to be re-elected; Marc Mantini and Ray Klukan decided not to run.

However, Ray Klukan decided in October to run again as a write-in candidate. Later in October, Joshua Adams threw his hat into the ring as a write-in candidate. Newcomer Anthony Boyles also was looking for some write-in votes.

Normally the write-in votes are posted at the polling place. Yet, a visit to the New Life Center Gymnasium had only the master printed tape on the outside door, accessible to “whomever” to remove it. It is assumed that someone took the remainder of the printed tape that would have had the names of all the write-in candidates.