TESH: Your Co-workers and Fall Food Intel

Here’s a fresh way to breathe new life into your work week, and a great way to begin a month of thanks! There’s something at work that can reduce your chances of dying from any cause by 130%! It’s your coworkers. A study in the journal Health Psychology found that emotional support we get from our colleagues reduces our odds of an early death significantly. That’s because our work buddies increase levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin – while suppressing the our body’s response to anxiety and stress. And overtime, that combination encourages longevity. There’s a high five to give your own coworkers, because you shared this from The John Tesh Radio Show!

Fall is a great time for your health, and here are 4 fall super-foods that could actually help you live longer, and look younger. First: Let’s talk about pumpkins. One slice of pumpkin pie holds THREE TIMES your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A. And that’s great news for your skin – since Vitamin A’s critical for promoting the collagen which keeps your skin supple and flexible. Pumpkins are also loaded with healthful Vitamin E, and enzymes responsible for keeping skin firm and flake-free. Another super-food of fall: Sweet Potatoes. In one study, researchers found more total nutrients in sweet potatoes than any other vegetable! And people who ate a sweet potato every day for 3 weeks had 33 percent more T-cells in their blood – those are what your body relies on to fight viruses and keep your immune system strong. A 3rd great fall food: Apples. They’re in season right now. And British researchers found that eating 2 apples a week can reduce your risk of developing asthma by 32 percent. They’re also chock-full of fiber, which studies have linked to better lung function and fewer coughs – even for smokers. Here’s one more food that’s perfect for fall: Pecans. One handful of pecan nuts holds enough omega-3 fatty acids to boost nerve communications in your brain’s memory center, so you’ll be better at remembering names, or acing a memory test at school. Pecans are also packed with magnesium and calcium, which have both been linked to reducing stress, calming nerves, and helping you think more clearly. Thanksgiving is just around the corner now, and you’ll have your friends feeling some early thanks that you’re priming the pump for healthy eating all month long when you share this today from The John Tesh Radio Show!