(VIDEO) 2019 Ford City Halloween Parade Highlights

“The Greatest Showmen on Earth” was the theme of this circus group, winning the grand prize in both Ford City and Kittanning Halloween parades.

The 2019 Halloween Parade, led by the Armstrong Senior High Marching band under the direction of Jason Venesky, was held on Saturday, November 1st, 2019 with 300 marchers and seven floats.

The parade is organized by the Ford City Activities Committee Inc., with co-sponsorship of the Ford City Lions Club and the cooperation of the Ford City Fire Department and Police Department.

Thanks is extended to all the businesses, fraternal and civic service clubs and individuals for the donations that make this event possible.

Additional thanks to the Armstrong High School Leo Club for their event day assistance.

Each costumed marcher received a gold coin for participation.  Additional prizes were handed out based on originality and creativity, to marchers in the following categories:

Grand Prize:  Circus—Jess Bemish, April Bemish, Logan Bemish, Tanner Bemish, Jared Bemish, Ashley Bemish, Riley Bemish, Josey Bemish, Amanda Haynes, Emma Haynes, Jax Haynes, Vinny Haynes, Collette Musati, Chris Musati, Mike Woodling, Ivy Woodling, Zach Woodling, Jason Stupk, Bailey Bemish

Floats:  1st Place:  Shark Attack- Beau Anthony, Landen Bowser, Laylie Bowser; 2nd Place:  A league of their own—Lauren Savinda, Jaysie Smith, Josie Porter, Alyssa Luffy, Trinity Densmore, Paisley Densmore, Emma Shumaker, Sophia Shumaker, Piper Olinger, Jeremy Densmore, Mike Shumaker, Todd Porter; 3rd Place: Jaws Attack– Cindy Solak, Autumn Dowling, Angie Trimpey, Jen Cogley, Mason Cogley, Charlotte Cogley, Hannah Gingery, Michael Gingery, Merle Smith, Gretchen Smith, Connie McGregor, Greyson Milligan; 4th Place:  Pirates- Landon Fink, Anna Fink, Isaac Fink, Kash Kotyk, Khaleesia Kotyk, Owen Danka, Hudson Danka, Willow Danka, Nixon Jack, Cullen Jack, Jude Olsen; 6th Place:  NexTier Bank—Margie Soloski, Nicole Savinda, Cheryl Battaglia, Scott Soloski, Chris Savinda, Frank Battaglia, Kaitlyn Savinda, Eryn Savinda, Brenden Savinda, Julie Soloski

Large Groups: 1st Place:  Exterminators—Brittany Cravener, Todd Cravener, Everett Cravener, and Remington Cravener; 2nd Place:  Jurassic Park—Nikki Heilman, Matt Klimkowicz, Michelle Klimkowicz; Scarlette Klimkowicz, Bryson Klimkowicz; Mike Cullum, Linda Cullum; 3rd Place:  Toy Story—Alyssa Schaffhauser, Lucian Barnett, Sullivan Barnett, Sean Barnett

Small Groups:  1st Place:  Cinderella-Brandon Blake, Paisley Blake; 2nd Place:  Navy Ship—Margo Mantini, Cara Lyle, Roch Mantini; 3rd Place:  Cops & Robbers—Bryan Crytzer, Sara Crytzer, and Colt Crytzer; 4th Place:  Buzz Lightyear and Woody—Logan Hoffman and Braelynn Hoffman; 5th Place:  Claw Machine—Blakely Beers and Brinley Beers; 6th Place:  Diver and Sharks—Hilary Young, Lily Young, and Tasha Klukan-Rupert

Individuals:  1st Place:  Mac & Cheese- Wesley Likavec; 2nd Place:  Fairy Garden—Atalie Brandon; 3rd Place:  Astronaut- Noah McKibbin; 4th Place: Buzz Lightyear- Grayson Bowser; 5th Place: Trophy Buck- Kaleb Brandon; 6th Place: Robot- Landon Perella

Band Division:  Isabel Valasek, Isaac Valasek, and Austin Kennedy