Manor Township Releases Details of 2020 Budget

Manor Township Supervisors Tag Hecker, Bob Southworth, and Don Palmer met in a special meeting on October 15 to discuss details of the 2020 budget.

Manor Township supervisors held a special meeting on October 15 to decide line items that will affect the 2020 budget.

Supervisor Chair Don Palmer, Vice-Chair Bob Southworth, and Supervisor Tag Hecker started by authorizing a general obligation note with Nextier Bank in the amount of $675,000. The money will be used to refinance the remaining balance on the municipal building, build an evidence room as required by law, construct a police garage on the property at 305 Byron Street (directly across from the municipal building), purchase new heating/air conditioning system for the municipal building, and put water and sewage in Fort Run Park.

Supervisors also started work on the State Fund. They plan to order a new truck with an estimated cost of $141,017. The annual payment is expected to be approximately $32,000.  There was also discussion on doing a full-depth reclamation on Greenbrae Road at a cost of $25,000.

Discussion on the General Fund began with wages. Palmer proposed an hourly wage of $25 for Roadmaster Bob Southworth, $22.50 for the second-in-command, and $21.50 for roadworkers. Southworth made a motion to raise all $1.13 and add $12,000 for summer help. Hecker asked why Southworth did not want a full raise. Southworth said he wants his wage to be close to the other workers.

Palmer also made a motion to freeze the wage pay scale for 2020 and 2021 for all employees, and all agreed. Palmer then made a motion to propose a two-percent match for any employee who contributes via payroll deduction to Edward Jones or Elderton State Bank retirement funds.

Fort Run Park budget was set at $7,000 for maintenance and $10,000 match if Manor Township receives a grant from DCNR.

Cyber liability insurance was set at $1,719.

Southworth made a motion to cancel the October 22 budget meeting since the budget issues were fully addressed at this meeting.

In other decisions, Southworth stated he will be taking the electronics collected in the Fall cleanup to Westmoreland Cleanways. The supervisors agreed to contribute $100 to Westmoreland Cleanways.

Supervisors also agreed to order the cab and chaise for the new truck.

The budget meeting lasted 90 minutes.