West Shamokin Student Addresses School Board

Armstrong School District Student Board Representative Jacob Cessna, a junior at West Shamokin High School, addressed the school board last night on events that have occurred in the West Shamokin attendance area.

Armstrong School District Student Board Representative Jacob Cessna, a junior at West Shamokin High School, gave a list of events that have occurred the last several months at his school.

  • Marching Band went to Kennywood on August 3.
  • Football season kicked off with pep rally on August 18.
  • New student and Seventh grade orientation was held on August 20.
  • Fifteen teachers completed summer reading programs on current education issues.
  • West Shamokin students attended the college fair at Armstrong High School on September 11.
  • An open house was held on September 12 and had a great turnout. Parents were able to meet with teachers about curriculum and student performance.
  • Homecoming was held on September 27.
  • The Golf Team placed second in the District 6 championship.
  • The Tri-Music induction was held October 10 that honors top students in band and chorus.

Cessna also gave events at Shannock Valley Elementary.

  • Students participated in a Parent-Teacher-Organization (PTO)-sponsored assembly on fire safety where students rotated between a fire safety trailer, two fire trucks, ambulance, 9-1-1 dispatchers, a police car, and a K9 unit.
  • The PTO purchased apples for students to eat during class on Johnny Appleseed Day.
  • Art students are creating art work for their Square 1 Art Projects, which allows students to design an image that can be incorporated on various products (coffee mugs, aprons, magnets, etc.) This activity promotes the school’s art department and raises funds for the PTO.
  • The Dental Smiles program, which provides dental care for families with financial troubles when having their children see a dentist, is set for October 11. Additionally, the Breath program for students with asthma is scheduled for October 15.

Dayton Elementary also had their share of events as well, Cessna reported.

  • In music, the 5th and 6th grade chorus is preparing for the Veterans Day Assembly. Fourth graders are starting their third week of band lessons and are doing a fabulous job. Fifth graders are learning about world music by traveling around the globe. This money they are visiting Germany.
  • All students were treated to a hay ride, ice cream, and a session on fall games for their Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) award on October 1.
  • On October 10, students participated in Apple Crunch Day. The students tasted different varieties of apples, had a nature walk, and were taught a PBIS lesson.

A student representative from Armstrong High School was not present to give a report.