List of Alleys Being Paved Released in Kittanning

Kittanning Police Chief Bruce Mathews explains to Council on Monday night the “no parking” requirement of individuals who have garages in the alleys to be paved starting today.

Shields Paving will begin removing the old asphalt – a process known as milling – today at various alleys throughout Kittanning Borough in preparation for paving next week.

Kittanning Police Chief Bruce Mathews said the construction project will include removing the top layer of asphalt causing large drops between the exposed alley surface and driveways, garages, and curbs.

Mathews said the alleys will not be drive-able during this time because it could cause a vehicle to “bottom out” and even cause damage to vehicles.

The current milling schedule is today and tomorrow. Paving will begin Monday, October 14 and continue until Wednesday, October 16.

Residents must make other arrangements for parking, Mathews said.

“Please keep safety in mind and do not block intersections. All other parking violations will be dismissed such as sweeping violations. If you receive a violation tag, please contact me directly,” Mathews said.

He cautioned to not have items near the alleys such as trash cans since paving equipment will overhang at least one foot on each side. The alleys being paved are listed below: