Kittanning Readies to Pave Borough Alleys


Paving crews operate machinery during one of the last paving projects in Kittanning. They will be back starting this Thursday to pave alleys throughout town.

With time for paving projects nearly concluding for the season, it was announced at the Kittanning Borough Council meeting last night that paving of alleys will begin this Thursday.

“Shields Paving has announced they are ready to proceed with the paving project,” Borough Manager Cyndee McDermott stated.

Depending on weather conditions, Shields Paving intends to begin milling the alleys on Thursday and finish on Friday. Paving will begin on Monday, October 14.

Police Chief Bruce Mathews said he is concerned about some residents not being aware of the paving project.

“We wouldn’t want someone to be stuck in their garage and not be able to get their car out because the paving is occurring in their alley,” Mathews said.  He indicated signs would be put up to warn residents of the paving project, but said it would be very hard to anticipate when and where the paving equipment would be located each day. Residents are urged to be vigilant.

McDermott informed Council that Shields was concerned about certain alleys not having thick enough pavement and was requesting a thicker asphalt to be laid down on those alleys.

Police Chief Bruce Mathews said that although signs will be posted on alleys, residents should be aware of paving activity in their area since there is no way to determine where the paving equipment will be working beginning this Thursday.

“Multiple alleys were bid with a binder that is not deep enough, and Shields is recommending we increase to 2.5″ on those to get some stability,” she told Council.

Council also decided to add an alley in the Fourth Ward between Victory and Montieth streets that was missed when the bid specifications were released. Because of the condition of this alley, it was agreed that it should be included.

The original price was $155,000, but the additional work came with an additional price.  The additional alley came in at $13,045 and the additional binder at $13,226, increasing the total project to $26,269.36.

Funds for the additional costs will come from the liquid fuels fund.

The motion to approve the extra work was made by Councilman David Croyle and was seconded by Councilwoman Betsy Wilt. The motion passed with Councilman Mike Johns voting no and Councilman Andy Peters being absent.