Historical Headlines – September 13

09/13/1969 – William R. King, Armstrong County agricultural agent, cautioned those taking sides in the airport site controversy that it cannot be a matter of either an airpark or farming. He suggested there is room for both. The plan of an airport in the Worthington area has generated outcry from the public over use of agricultural land for industrial development.

09/13/1969 – About 200 spectators watched two Ford City policemen subdue three men and a juvenile while two other men fled the scene of battle yesterday at 5th and 9th. The battle began when the men were refused service at the bar of the Fifth Avenue Hotel. In Armstrong County Jail are Kenneth Paul Yurga, 24, of Adrian RD1; Andrew Victor Yurga, 27, of Adrian RD1; Rudolph Harmon King, 27, of 150 Steim Street, Kittanning, and a 17-year-old Kittanning juvenile. The two Ford City policemen were outnumbered but had the advantage of blackjacks, with which they bloodied heads.

09/13/1969 – Kittanning YMCA announced that future classes would include judo training for both men and women, and a dog obedience class.

09/13/1954 – Sale of the old Tyson Heilman home on North Grant Avenue here was announced by George Stivason of the Willis Heilman Agency. The purchaser is John P. Leech of Kittanning.

09/13/1949 – Only one change of pastors of the Erie conference of the Methodist Church, so far as Armstrong County is concerned was announced at the closing session in Meadville.

09/13/1949 – A North Buffalo Township resident – William R. Colwell died this morning as he started to the polls to cast his Primary Election vote.

09/13/1944 – Mrs. Wilma Rose Sullivan said today that her son, motor machinist’s mate first class Owen Sullivan, 23, is listed missing together with the normal complement of 65 crew members of the 1475-ton American submarine Gudgeon, reported sunk in the Pacific.

09/13/1944 – Plans for opening one of the most modern mines in Pine Township near Mahoning Creek are being carried out by Allegheny River Mining Company. Excavations have already been dug and other construction is under way.

09/13/1939 – Mahoning Township transferred from the dry to the wet column in the only change recorded in six local option referenda in Armstrong County yesterday.

09/13/1939 – Ed E. Schaeffer of Kittanning and W. P.. Smith of Applewold emerged victorious in the seven-sided Republican free-for-all for county commissioner in Armstrong County’s primary election yesterday.

09/13/1934 – Several thousand persons jammed the exhibition grounds of Dayton Fair yesterday as the 54th renewal of the annual event got under way.

09/13/1934 – Ford City: A new cast, new costumes, new settings and catchy tunes will feature Sunny Skies, 12th annual stage production to be presented in high school auditorium here Sept. 27 and 28 under auspices of Allied Post of the American Legion.

09/13/1929 – Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rimel of Sunnyside celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Labor Day, surrounded by a number of relatives and friends.

09/13/1929 – Three persons were injured and six others had narrow escapes in an automobile accident last night at the intersection of the New Bethlehem and Rural Valley roads. John Scardina, driver of the car, had to swerve his car into a tree in order to avert a collision with another vehicle.