Veterans Banner to Fly Next Year in Kittanning

Banners for veterans and businesses line utility poles along 5th Avenue in Ford City. Soon Kittanning will add veterans’ banners also.

A push by Kittanning Mayor Scott Kline may result in banners honoring veterans being placed on utility poles within the borough.

“(The police chief and I) have decided that it would be an honor if the Kittanning Police Department would head up the project,” Kline told Kittanning Borough Council during the August public meeting. “We have tried to get individual groups to take it over and do it, but there hasn’t been too much movement with it.”

Kline said the emphasis would be on the 100 block of North and South Jefferson Streets, North and South McKean Streets, North and South Grant Avenues, and the 100 block of North Water Street.

“We are not looking to get this into play until the first of the year,” Kline explained. “We will soon see DKI (Downtown Kittanning Incorporated) putting up (holiday) festivities banners, so we are looking to kick this off after the first of the year.

Kline said it was their intent to make the paperwork available before the holidays so families can purchase the banners. He couldn’t commit to a cost for each banner since he and Chief Bruce Mathews are still examining various companies that produce banners.

Kline said he didn’t feel the administration of the project would take away from the duties of the police chief or police secretary.

Anyone interested in being on the list to purchase a banner can contact the Kittanning Police Department at 724-543-1538 during regular business hours. A form will be made available to interested persons in the near future.