Local Merchants See Huge Drop in Business During Movie Shoot

Production technician explains to Kittanning Borough Police Officer Blose the next part of the shoot where the period-specific cars staged on the Kittanning Citizens Bridge will travel up Market Street.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Business owners and employees called or stopped by the Kittanning Paper office on Monday to lodge complaints over a virtual shut-down caused by movie production crews. Most businesses asked not to be directly identified.

It began with production trucks blocking a driveway. It was mid afternoon before that business could get their vehicles out to do their work, losing valuable man hours.

During the day on South Jefferson Street, parking was available but patrons tended to stay away. At night, cones lined the parking spaces in front of both bars making it impossible for patrons to park in front of business establishments.

Market Street in downtown Kittanning was mostly empty Monday except for the movie production vehicles and equipment.

One person complained because they could not park close enough to restaurants to accommodate their disabilities.

An emergency surveillance technician could not service his client properly.

Motorists used to waiting no more than one light cycle found themselves in traffic trying to get out of town as they sat at Sheetz’ light that lasted as long as three cycles.

“Can anyone tell me the value to this community?” one upset resident asked.

The borough received a payment of $4,000 as compensation for additional police and related services. However, only select businesses on Market Street were compensated for their participation in the production.

Most businesses contacting the Kittanning Paper noted drop in business between 50-85% yesterday.

Not all was grim. One father and young son sat down on the sidewalk out of sight from the movie camera.

“I think this is fantastic – very entertaining” the father said. His son replied only with a smile.

Depending on weather conditions today, the production of the Netflix show Man Hunt Lone Wolf may be delayed and Kittanning may have to remain as “Murphy, North Carolina” for one more day.