TESH: Radio Host Offers Advice on Anxiety

***We all may experience anxiety at some point in our lives- 40 million adults in the U.S., and some people live with anxiety every day. Here are six tips to help cope with anxiety, from Dr. Mehmet Oz:

* Put your devices on silent mode before bed.
* Give yourself an hour of designated “chill time” every day.
* Take time to reflect on the good aspects of your day.
* Inhale slowly for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, then exhale  slowly for 8 seconds.
* Boost your daily exercise routine to calm your mind.
* Don’t shame yourself for having anxiety- it is normal, and you are far from alone!

It is sad to think of our friends, family members, ourselves, suffering
from anxiety. You may not be able to solve everything, but I’m sure
willing to bet you have some friends whose hearts will be touched when you share this from The John Tesh Radio Show!

***Are our phones distracting us on the road? It turns out that just hearing our phone ring in the car can be as distracting as talking or texting while driving. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, even if we don’t answer it, the ring can be just as distracting. The answer? If we really do not want to be distracted, turn our phones /OFF/.

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