Rep Warns of Water Rate Hike Coming in October

Mr. Harry Patton, North Buffalo Township representative to the Kittanning Suburban Joint Water Authority, gave news that he said no one wants to hear.

Patton told township supervisors on Wednesday night that as of October, residents can expect an increase of their bills by $4.

Patton said the rate increase is due “to a bunch of repairs that have to be done, and new equipment installed in tanks. Recently the extension of water service from Sugarcreek Township to Kittanning Hollow Road was a $2.8 million extension.

“The feds have come in and said alarms must be updated. The initial look at equipment not with installation is $50,000 just for equipment. The Authority has to raise rates,” Patton said.

Customers can expect a note to be included with August bills that will announce the rate increase.