North Buffalo Plans Roadwork Despite the Rain

North Buffalo Township supervisors Jennifer Matarrese, Michael Valencic, and Clark Whiteman discuss a schedule for road maintenance next week

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow may keep a postal worker from his appointed rounds… but such has not been the case with road workers in Armstrong County townships. Heavy rains have brought down trees as mud slides have closed highways.

In North Buffalo Township last night, supervisors there were optimistic that they will be able to meet a deadline of Tuesday, July 23, when contractor Russell Standard is due to have workers in the township for tarr and chipping activity.

Supervisor Jennifer Matarrese said the contractors are ramping up to stay on schedule.

“Russell Standard told us they pulled managers out to help on road crews because they are backed up due to rain,” Matarrese reported. She was appointed last night by fellow supervisors to be the Road-master, replacing former supervisor/road-master David Wolfe, who resigned at the end of May.

Matarrese presented a list of roads that will be tarr and chipped that include: Miller Lane, Quarry Road, Johnston Road, Rhey Road, a portion of church road, a portion of hogg Road, and Beattu Mills Road, and a portion of Beckett Road.

Supervisor Clark Whiteman said that weather conditions have moved the three road workers from project to project.

“It has been lousy,” Whiteman said. “It has been raining for two months. This is the longest dry spell we have had all summer. It puts the crew behind. The crew goes out and preps a road, and the rain comes through and un-preps it. We need to replace pipe or berm shoulders, but the flooding is making a mess on the road. I don’t expect guys to work in pouring-down rain.”

One particular road, Hogg Road, had washed out, Whiteman said.

“There has been an ongoing issue. We have put down stone, and even changed pipe. We are now going to create a berm with asphalt and build up a curb,” he said.

In another section of the township, rain washed away the top layer of chipped stone and tarr was coming up through the road surface.

Whiteman said that the township crew was able to do most of the mowing in the township.

“There are some other places he needs to go,” Whiteman said, but anticipated preparing the road for tarr and chipping will take the priority over the next week.

Meanwhile, in Manor Township last night, Supervisor Bob Southworth continued to lament over the weather conditions that have inhibited the ability of his crew to do any preparations for tarr and chipping work.

“We have only been able to work on the roads three times this whole season,” Southworth said in exacerbation. “The rest of the time, we have been on clean up detail from trees down on the roads. I’d be happy if we could move all the trees 500 feet from the roadway!”

Southworth said that all of the preparations must be done by September 15. After that time, he cannot get product to perform maintenance to township roads.