Ford City Adopts Comprehensive Plan

Ford City Council Vice-President Tyson Klukan outlined the comprehensive plan before its adoption at last night’s public meeting at the Latin American Club.

Ford City Borough Council held a public hearing to discuss the adoption of their comprehensive plan during their regular monthly.

The plan is an active document, meaning that it morphs as the plan comes into fruition and allows for changes along the way. It plots Ford City’s course over the next ten years to provide a community environment, according to Council Vice-President Tyson Klukan.

“After all of the surveys and discussions, the consultants discovered that residents want Ford City to be the place they can call ‘home’,” Klukan said. “We need to maintain the small-town feel with neighborhoods, but with increased jobs and availability to services.”

Klukan said the eventual outcome is to recognize the town’s historical value while creating opportunity for new growth.

There are five core values that were identified in the comprehensive plan:

  1. Downtown area – It needs to be more bike-able and walk-able while supporting the current business climate.
  2. Riverfront – The plan identifies different environmental steps and shows the need to establish connection points between the Allegheny River and citizens.
  3. Housing – There is a need to increase single dwelling homes and create additional senior housing through public-private partnerships.
  4. Former High School Site – Coordinate with ownership to allow activities on site; make it a community gathering place; coordinate to market site to potential developers.
  5. Safety – The residents want to feel safe at night while walking. The need for increased lighting was identified, which Ford City has already addressed with the installation of new LED street lights resulting in brighter streets.

The enhancement and beautification of 5th Avenue was also mentioned. Klukan said it is a goal of Council to improve it.

The adoption of the comprehensive plan was passed by the five council members present: Carol Fenyes, Tyson Klukan, Ray Klukan, Beth Bowser and Mary Alice Bryant. Councilman Marc Mantini was absent.

The full comprehensive plan is available for inspection on the borough website. The plan is numbered pages 1-49, and is followed by an appendix numbered 1-26, to comprise the total 78 pages.