Manor Supervisors Say Budget is Okay Despite Equipment Purchase

Manor Township supervisors approved the purchase of a wood chipper even though it wasn’t in the budget for this year.

Manor Township supervisors, in passing the 2019 budget, said the budget would be fine “as long as there was no catastrophic failure” with equipment.

“Well, guess what! We had a catastrophic failure of our wood chipper!” Supervisor Don Palmer announced last week at a public meeting.

The last few months of rain and storms have overworked the chipper, according to Supervisor Bob Southworth.

“Upon research, a new one to do what we need to do effectively is $30,000,” Southworth said. “I found a used one. With the discount from the advertised price, and a trade-in, it comes to $15,500. It only has a thousand hours on it. Tag and I looked at it. It is a very nice machine. We need to have a chipper for storms, which have been happening every other day.”

Southworth said he looked at other ones, but they were either too small for the demand placed upon them or they were much more money.

“It’s in excellent shape,” Supervisor Tag Hecker said. “We heard it run. It comes with a set of oil filters for the next oil change, and a set of blades.”

Palmer motioned to make the purchase, and it passed unanimously. Palmer said that the savings by not having to purchase a new one made a difference in the budget.

“It could have been a lot worse if we would have ended up paying $30,000. We should still end up with confidence to be within our budget,” Palmer said.

In the police department report, Manor Police Chief Paul France informed the supervisors of the resignation of Officer Ken Markilinski due to family commitments. He also indicated that Officers Ron Baustert, Robert Baldwin, and Jacob May have all finished their probation with the department and will continue as part-time officers on the force. He said supervisors could delay hiring additional police at this time.