Milo Way Approved for Street Resurfacing Project Financing

Armstrong County Planning and Development Community Development Coordinator Kathy Hileman received a request from Manor Township supervisors last night to move grant funds to pay for the Milo Way project.

The folks living along Milo Way in McGrann should see a better road surface later this year.

Manor Township supervisors approved final financing of the project through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) process.

The township had used some of the 2016 funds on the Boyd street project. However, that project was done for less money than estimated and there was $34,679.92 still available.

In 2017, funds were used on the Grant Street project. That project was also accomplished and had $20,495 still available.

Armstrong County Planning and Development Community Development Coordinator Kathy Hileman said the entire Milo Way project will cost an estimated $65,762.53. With a total of $55,174.92 from Grant and Boyd streets, that leaves a balance of $10,587.61 that will be paid from 2018 CDBG funds.

Hileman said that currently, an environmental impact study has been filed.

“As soon as it comes back in a couple of weeks, we can go to bid for Milo Way and Race Street,” Hileman said.

The request to move funds from previous years must now go before the county commissioners for final approval today.

Also at the public work session last night, Supervisor Bob Southworth requested the Board to agree to the purchase of a 1999 Chevrolet S10 used pick-up truck for $5,500.

“The truck can be used for tree trimming in the park and general building use only,” Southworth said, stating the need for a small truck for minimal light duty.

Supervisor Don Palmer said he was concerned about the growing number of vehicles the Township has purchased recently.

“I see benefits,” Palmer said. “I also have reservations due to how big our fleet is growing. I’m all for getting it, but we need to consider the next time we take on a vehicle how bif we want our fleet to be.”

Southworth said his original fleet plan of the past five years has been the same.

“I did not alter my plan,” Southworth said. “But we couldn’t plan on the (Fort Run) Park coming up and the growth of our police department.”

All supervisors approved and the motion passed.