Historical Headlines – June 17

06/17/1969 – After a season without a band, Kittanning area firemen may be represented this summer by both a concert band and a marching band.

06/17/1969 – Officers were nominated last night during a meeting of Armstrong County Firemen’s Association in their headquarters building on Route 66 near Crooked Creek. Nominated without opposition were: John Johnson, Applewold, president; William Croyle, Pine Twp., second vice-president; Charles D. Moore, Rural Valley, secretary-treasurer; Joe DeGrand, Applewold, assistant secretary-treasurer; W. L. Lukehart, Kittanning No. 6, Chaplain; Harold Pierce, Bethel Twp., trustee for three-year term; Leno Leri, Freeport, delegate to Firemen’s Legislative Federation. Moore reported a membership of 16,077.

06/17/1969 – Armstrong County Memorial Hospital listed several persons treated over the past 24 hours. Timmy Blystone, 6, of Ford City RD1, who fell yesterday and suffered abrasions and contusions, is listed in satisfactory condition. David Montgomery, 16, of MR 10 East Brady Road, was treated after getting a fish hook caught in his finger. Hazel Peters, 45, of Rural Valley RD1, suffered a neck injury in an automobile accident.

06/17/1969 – Judge J. Frank Graff injured when he fell down a flight of outside steps at the Elks Club after taking part in the Flag Day ceremony, is listed in satisfactory condition at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital after undergoing surgery for a torn cartilage of the right knee. His recovery is expected to take approximately six weeks.

06/17/1969 – Approximately 175 male students who will be attending the Armstrong County campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania this fall will need housing accommodations in the Kittanning area. All women students are being housed in the University dormitories.

06/17/1969 – Seven Ford City High School girls will attend a baton twirling and cheerleading clinic at Grove City College. They are: Shirley Bator of 315 Meadow Street, Ford City; Nancy Peters of 1139-7th Ave, Ford City; Gloria Pisoni of Cadogan; Cheryl Reed of Ford City RD2; Lynda Scheeren of Ford City RD2; and Marion Lorence of 935-7th Ave, Ford City. The clinic is conducted by Mary Evelyn Thurman, internationally known clinic director, teacher, and judge.

06/17/1964 – A Ford City serviceman has been cited for combat support activities in the Republic of Vietnam while on duty there as a helicopter pilot. Chief Warrant Officer Carl E. Lorence, received fourth, fifth and sixth Oak Leaf clusters for the air medal he wears.

06/17/1964 – The state department of Public Instruction has told Attorney B. Albert Bertocchi, attorney for Kittanning Educator Association KEA), that it will appoint the DPI’s representative to a fact finding panel that will seek to resolve teachers pay issues here.

06/17/1959 – Keith Kirkwood Buck, son of Mrs. Ruth Buck of 199 Harrison St., Kittanning, was graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

06/17/1959 – Approximately 30 members of Kittanning Masonic Lodge attended the 163rd Masonic reunion of Coudersport Consistory. The three-day session ended today.

06/17/1959 – Charles Reesman, 50, of Kittanning RD 4 is listed in fair condition at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital. Reesman suffered first, second and third degree burns of the right arm, right side of the neck and face as he was lighting a gas furnace.

06/17/1954 – More than 2,000 persons are expected to ride a special Pennsylvania Railroad train to Kennywood Park on June 26, when the Ford City community picnic takes place.

06/17/1954 – Marie Dionne Dons Convent Habit as Novice.

06/17/1954 – Monterey Castle, built on a narrow slice of Armstrong County where it slices between the river and Butler County, will be knocked down at a public sale. In advertisements, a New Kensington realtor describes Monterey Castle as the only building of its type between the headwaters of the Allegheny at Coudersport and its confluence at the Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh. The home is now owned by a New Kensington man who purchased it several years ago from heirs of Hiram J. Sedwick, state legislator, Perry Township director and tax collector and builder of the stately home.

06/17/1949 – A slide and merry-go-round were erected on the Shaffer playground, Richard Burton announced.

06/17/1949 – Kittanning firemen brought home first prize money after participating in the New Bethlehem firemen’s parade. The prize was awarded for having the most men and best equipment in the march.

06/17/1944 – The Executive Committee of Armstrong County Chapter of American Red Cross took action to headquarter all Red Cross activities at one place. The committee decided to rent the third floor of the Temple Building, Market St., which was used until recently by the Kittanning Business College.

06/17/1944 – Americans Chopping Across Normandy; U.S. Killed, Wounded Placed at 15,833 in 11 Invasion Days.

06/17/1939 – Ninety-three Boy Scouts and more than a dozen leaders spent Friday night with Scout Executive William Fr. Livermore on an overnight camporee at Cook Park.

06/17/1939 – Harry McGivern made a speech, and the first basketball team ever to represent Kittanning High School was introduced as Kittanning High School ’14-‘17 Club held its fifth annual reunion at Kittanning Country Club.

06/17/1929 – Freeport newspaper publisher-editor Robert McKee died.