Manor Township to Hold Inter-Municipality Seminar

The supervisors of Manor Township are sponsoring a seminar tonight at the Manor Township fire hall for governmental leaders and emergency workers.

Manor Township supervisors and the Manor Township Fire Company will host a free seminar for public officials and emergency service workers tonight at the Manor Township fire hall.

Supervisor Don Palmer said the purpose of the seminar is to teach public officials and emergency workers to work together.

“All Emergency Services Organizations have to interact with local government officials,” Palmer said in a news release. “Those officials, elected or appointed, may hold tremendous power over the organization. Too many times, an Emergency Services Agency’s only communication with local government is at budget time or when a crisis occurs.”

Palmer said the two-hour session will identify why unclear expectations between the two entities can lead to problems.

The seminar will be conducted by Jerry Ozog, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Services Institute.

Several points of discussion will be:

  • Identify problems that lead to poor relationships
  • Recognize the differences that lead to misperceptions
  • The budgeting timeline and importance of planning

The session will begin tonight at 7PM. Elected officials, fire chiefs, line officers, EMS directors, chief of police, and other decision-making individuals should attend.