Hearing Held for Grant Funding in East Franklin

East Franklin Township Supervisors listen to Autumn Vorpe-Seyler conduct a hearing last night on the Community Development Block Grant for 2019.

A special hearing was held at the beginning of the public meeting of supervisors in East Franklin Township.

Program Manager Autumn Vorpe-Seyler from the Armstrong County Planning and Development office conducted the meeting regarding 2019 funding from the Community Development Block Grant program.

“East Franklin Township is expected to receive an allocation of $89,266. The County takes $16,067 for administrating the grant, leaving the Township with $73,199,” Seyler told supervisors Barry Peters, Dan Goldinger, and David Stewart.

Seyler said that the township began receiving funds in 1985 and used them for funding water systems and sewage improvements.  In 2015 through 2018, approximately $225,000 was allocated for housing rehabilitation.

Township Secretary Debra Cornman reported that a resident called the township office to request the township continue using funds for housing rehabilitation.

Seyler said there were 14 applicants for housing needs. Of those received, three were over the income limit and didn’t qualify. A total of eight applications are currently being processed.

“Applications are being reviewed and the housing rehab coordinator has been going out to visit properties,” Seyler said. “They look at many factors, not just what the house may need, but issues of lead, mold, and radon. They compile the information, discuss it with homeowners, and get bids from contractors to determine costs for repairs.”

Seyler said the property could not be transferred or sold within a five-year period following the renovation. If it would be sold, the property owner would be responsible for reimbursing the program 20% for each year remaining on the five-year time period.

Funding for this year will not be available for use until at least Fall.