Street Sweeping Services Requested by West Kittanning

Kittanning Borough may be doing some street sweeping in West Kittanning if the two municipalities agree.

West Kittanning Borough is looking to have their residential streets swept. That’s hard without a street sweeper.

Kittanning Borough was approached to do a one-time sweeping on streets behind Flynn’s Tire to the traffic light.

Kittanning Borough Street Supervisor Jim Mechling said Kittanning has assisted West Kittanning in the past for the task. He estimated approximately 12 hours to do the job. He estimated the cost at approximately $500.

Kittanning Council wanted more details on exact costs, as well as some commitment in writing and insurance to protect against damage to the sweeper.

Mechling said the work could be completed during daylight hours.

A rate will be established for consideration at the June Kittanning Borough Council meeting.