Business as Usual With Kittanning Street Sweeping Schedule

Kittanning Borough Councilman Mike Johns (left) motioned for street sweeping to continue as of June 1 in Kittanning.

Street sweeping resumes a standard schedule on June 1.

Kittanning Borough Council had held up the start of weekly street sweeping after a concern by Council

President Kim Chiesa over the sweeper creating too much noise at night.

Chief Bruce Mathews had asked Council to not have the sweeper start until Council could decide on a schedule.

“There is no way to enforce no parking during the day if sweeper ran during the day,” Mathews said.

Councilman Mike Johns said daylight would be difficult shutting down parking spaces.

“The sweeper makes a lot of dust,” Johns said. He suggested that the nighttime schedule continue as has been done in the past.

Peters was concerned about traffic downtown for daylight run.

Chiesa suggested that if the current nighttime schedule is adopted, it would be limited to specific weeks and not run as often.

Councilwoman Betsy Wilt made the suggestion to run the sweeper during early morning hours, such as 7AM until Noon, starting as early as at 5AM in business district.

Johns then suggested doing it every other week; however, Street Supervisor Jim Mechling said it would need to be every week because the streets would be so bad.

Johns motioned on existing schedule starting June 1 weekly through October 31. The motion passed, with Peters, Councilman Joe Kiehlmeier, and Chiesa voting no.