TESH: “Spring” Intel For the Traveler and the Homebody

With summer travel season just around the corner, here’s some intelligence for finding a last minute hotel room because of a breakdown on the road, a sudden onset stomach virus, or maybe some found “free time”. You don’t need to frantically comb through online travel sites for deals. Instead, /2 new smartphone apps will do all the work/ for you in seconds. The first app is called *Hotel Tonight.* It’s free and finds discounts for same-day hotel bookings. You type in the city where you want to stay and it’ll instantly generate a list of steeply-discounted hotel rooms for the night. Here’s the big benefit: Most travel sites that offer same-day hotel booking don’t reveal the name of the hotel or its location until you book it, but Hotel Tonight shows you the name, and the specific location. So you can make a better-informed decision before you click “buy.” The second smartphone app for last-minute hotel rooms is*Room 77.* It’s also free. And will create a list of available hotel rooms in your city of choice. It also has a feature which lets you narrow your search, if you want free Wi-Fi, free parking, or free hotel shuttles.Make your friends happy travelers today- share this from The John Tesh Radio Show!

Spring is HERE! Did you know? You can boost your brainpower by gardening – indoors or out! Studies show that there’s a certain type of bacteria in soil that we breathe in, and seeps in through our skin – and it makes us calmer and better thinkers! The bacteria stimulate the growth of brain neurons, and boost production of the brain chemical serotonin, which reduces anxiety. What an incentive to dig in to our Spring gardening, so share this green-thumb intelligence today from The John Tesh Radio Show!