Grant Funding Hearing Held in Manor Township

Planning and Development Project Manager Kathy Heilman sits at the table with Manor Township supervisors to discuss grant funding through the Community Development Block Grant process. Manor Township is expected to be allocated $90,660 for various projects.

Manor Township is positioned to receive another Community Development Block Grant his year, estimated to be in the amount of $90,660.

Armstrong County Planning & Development Project Manager Kathy Heilman chaired the first public hearing last night before the monthly work session of the Manor Township supervisors at the Municipal Building.

The date for public comments on projects that they feel need to be funded is June 19. It coincides with the supervisors’ June work session. After that point, descriptions of use of funds will be drafted and placed on the application.

Of the $90,660, $74,000 will be the actual amount the Township will receive. The County keeps 18% of the grant, approximately $16,000, to administrate the grant for the Township.

Since 1984, Manor Township has received $3.5 million in Community Development Block Grant funds. The funds have been used for water line, housing rehabilitation, street reconstruction, and storm water management.

Heilman said that in the past, the supervisors have approved short term objectives projects that they are anticipating to use funds rather quickly. She details them as Quay Street, Milo Way, Railroad Street, Bishop Hill, and Heilman Street.  Long term objectives often take multiple years to complete and include storm sewers, streets, and eligible roads.

Eligible activities that the Township has designated for funding in the past have included streets, community centers, and parking lots. To be eligible, an area to be funded has to have residents with a low to moderate income level to qualify.

“In 2018, you allocated to Milo Way and Quay Street,” Heilman said. “We don’t have a 2018 contract yet, so we haven’t been able to start those projects.  We hope to have the contract approved within next 30 days so those projects can begin. Hopefully those projects can be completed this year.

“We are hoping by end of June to identify projects and move ahead on 2019 funds,” Heilman said.

Manor Township supervisors also received comforting news. Unlike Kittanning Borough, who could lose funding because the population is projected to drop below 4,000, the Recent American Community Survey shows Manor slightly more than 4200 in population.

“You have been diligent. It’s important that we continue doing census and get everybody to keep you in the loop on CDBG money,” Heilman cautioned.

Comments are continued to be received until June 17 regarding funding. Interested individuals wishing to suggest projects can contact the supervisors or Heilman at the Office of Planning and Development office in Kittanning.

A second public hearing will be scheduled for sometime in September 2019. Heilman said that hearing will be held by the County.

Manor Township supervisors Tag Hecker, Bob Southworth, and Don Palmer pause in a moment of reflection at the beginning of last night’s public work session meeting. “In 1962, John F. Kennedy declared this week to be National Law Enforcement Week to recognize officers and families that have made the ultimate sacrifice. I would like to have a moment of silence to reflect on that,” Palmer said.