PETS: Meet Izzy and Stevie – Two Adoptable Orphans

IZZY’s story begins when she and her puppies were at a shelter that had no room for them. They were slated for euthanasia with only hours left. Bethann at Orphans of the Storm learned of their plight and contacted a foster home who cared for her little family until they were ready to find homes. She was a good mother and took great care of her puppies. She was friendly with the foster’s cat. The whole eight weeks she was in foster, she never made a mistake in her pen and she will hold her business until she gets out. So she is very likely house trained, or will catch on very quickly. She is a great size and very loving and affectionate, and loves dog biscuits.


STEVIE was alone and pregnant. She snuck into a lady’s basement to have her four kittens. Four weeks later, she was taken to a foster home where she was a wonderful mother and did a great job raising her babies. While her kittens have been adopted many years ago now, Stevie is still waiting at the shelter for someone to take her home and make her part of their family. Stevie has been waiting for more than four years now. She is extremely shy and it takes a long time for her to make up to you. Stevie is independent and likes attention on her terms. She is good with other cats and house trained. Stevie needs only the best home — a very kind and special person who wants to give this timid kitty a chance to see what a loving home is like.

To make an appointment to see these orphans, call Orphans of the Storm animal shelter: 724-548-4520.