Manor Supervisors Congratulate Fire Department

Manor Township supervisors celebrated the volunteers that worked hard to earn state certification. (L-R) John Breski 2nd Lt/Treasurer; Bob Southworth, supervisor VP; Don Palmer, chairman supervisor; Chad Evans, Fire Chief; 2-year-old Jackson Klingensmith holds up the decal; Bradley Conroy (front youth) holds up the certificate; Ashley Klingensmith; Susan Breski, chaplain; and Tag Hecker, supervisor.


The Manor Township Supervisors extended a round of applause to the Manor Township Fire Department at their public meeting last night. The volunteer firefighters worked hard to become certified by the Commonwealth.

“The office of State Fire Commission of PA has Voluntary Certification program. Individual firefighters can train; then, go take an in-depth evaluation exam before the qualification board,” Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer said during the meeting. “They are tested to a national standard. The training is the same here as anywhere in the nation. Very rigorous. Our fire company has achieved 50% of its members that have reached that certifications standard.”

Palmer said this was no small achievement. The volunteers did the work, absorbing the cost of training and certification.

“With number of members that got certified, we are looking at 2600 hours of training, practice, testing,” Palmer said. “If we had to pay those guys, it would be $60,000 to obtain the certification. Thanks to the fire company for raising the professional standard for our community.”

Palmer said the fire department has received a determination for their ISO rating. The letter confirmed the current rate of 5 and 5X.

“The work we have done has paid off. We have more work to do for next evaluation in 5 years.”

The supervisors left the municipal building and went to the fire hall to personally congratulate the volunteers.

The Manor Township Supervisors stand with Manor Township Fire Chief Chad Evans with awards commemorating state certification for over 50% of their volunteer firefighters. (L-R) Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer, Fire Chief Chad Evans, Supervisor Tag Hecker, and Supervisor Bob Southworth.