Still No Police Contract in East Franklin Township

The saga of a police contract for East Franklin Police Chief William Evans continues.

Supervisor Barry Peters reported after the public meeting last night that there has been no movement in negotiations.


“The supervisors, our attorney, Bill (Evans), and his attorney met before the March public meeting,” Peters said.

During that meeting, Peters said they made some changes to the contract for Evans’ consideration. Those changes were to be taken under consideration by Evans and his attorney. Peters said that Evans attorney has not yet responded to the changes, nor has he asked for another meeting.

In other news, East Franklin will hold their Spring 2019 Trash Collection from May 1 through May 4. The Township will provide dumpsters at the Municipal Building for disposal of materials.

The Township will also have available the disposal of TVs and monitors at a cost of $20 per unit.

Due to DEP regulations, the following items cannot be collected: refrigerators, air conditioners, wood products, grass clippings, freezers, dehumidifiers, building materials, tree trimmings, cement materials, anti-freeze, chemicals, hedge cuttings, batteries, motor oil, paint, or tires.

For more information, call the Municipal Building at 724-548-2310.