Police Release Details of Last Friday’s Shooting

State Troopers meet with officers from Kittanning Police as well as the Sheriff”s office last Friday during the investigation from a mid-morning shooting.

Trooper Michael Graham of the Pennsylvania State Police released details concerning the shooting on South Jefferson Street in Kittanning last Friday.
Shortly after 9AM, Kanisha Croyle, 26, from Kittanning arrived at the apartment complex above the Beltone Hearing Center with Willie Lunsford, 33, of Mount Union, PA and Eric McKenzie, 32, of Beaver Falls, PA.
Croyle had an unidentified 35-year-old woman open the locked door of the apartment building. When she opened the door, Lunsford and McKenzie ran into the opening and placed a gun to the woman’s head. They had her lead them to the apartment of an unidentified 40-year-old man from Homestead, PA. Upon entry into the man’s apartment, he confronted Lunsford and McKenzie. Trooper Graham said it is suspected that the altercation was concerning a drug debt. The man was then shot in the hand.
Lunsford and McKenzie were seen fleeing the scene. Croyle was seen fleeing the scene in the opposite direction.
The 40-year-old man’s injuries were non-life-threatening. He was treated at UPMC Shadyside and released. Croyle, Lunsford, and McKenzie were all apprehended. Charges were filed with Magisterial District Judge James Owen.