Goodbye, Long John Silver’s and A&W Root Beer Restaurant!

Middle Armstrong County said goodbye to another business in the Franklin Village Shopping Center.

Long John Silver’s and the A&W Root Beer chains have closed their doors as of last Saturday.

A regional company representative is at the store overseeing de-installation of fixtures, furniture, and equipment. By the end of the week, utilities will be shut off and the building will stand vacant.

Numerous calls to the corporate office inĀ  Louisville, Kentucky were not returned.

The restaurant was established at the shopping center in the early 1980s. It closed briefly for a week, but reopened on March 21, 2018 in an attempt to re-staff the restaurant.

The shopping center has seen the demise of Rax in 1990s and Ponderosa on December 6, 2015.

Dumpsters are filled as workers permanently close down the Long John Silver’s / A&W Root Beer restaurant in the Franklin Village Shopping Center.