ARIN Intermediate Unit Holds April Board Meeting

At its regularly scheduled meeting held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, the ARIN Intermediate Unit
28 Board of Directors completed the following agenda items.

Under new business in the area of Personnel, one resignation, one retirement, one employment,
and one volunteer, were discussed and acted upon as follows:

 Resignation
Approved and accepted, with appreciation for their service to this Intermediate Unit, the
resignation of Ms. Mary McFeaters, full time occupational therapist, effective the last day of
the 2018/19 school year.

 Retirement
Approved and accepted, with regret, the resignation due to retirement of Ms. Kimberly A.
Denardo, effective August 3, 2019.

 Employment
Approved and authorized conditionally the employment of Ms. Victoria Tantlinger as a parttime adult education instructor retroactive to April 8, 2019. Ms. Tantlinger’s hourly rate will
be $29.41.

 Internships/Volunteers
Approved and authorized the internship/volunteer services of Ms. Phyllis Byers by the ARIN
Adult Education programs. She will serve as a volunteer during the 2018-2019 academic
year and will be supervised by Ms. Kathy Monko, Director of Early Childhood, School and
Community Services. No cost will be incurred by the Intermediate Unit.

The ARIN board discussed and acted upon the following resolutions:

 Approved and authorized the IU to accept the Early Intervention Funds from Intermediate
Unit 11’s Preschool Fiscal Management Grant in the amount of $15,000 for program year

 Approved and authorized the following agreements and contracts:

  •  awarding the contract for Curb, Walk, and Pavement Replacement at ARIN Intermediate
    Unit 28 Project to A. Folino Construction, Inc. in the amount of $395,155.55; and,
  •  ARIN Center for Education to participate in the WIN Learning Investment Agreement in
    partnership with Tri-County Workforce Investment Board. The contract term is for 1
    year and costs a total of $10,500.00 (Tri-County WIB= $6,300.00 and ARIN IU 28=
  •  Approved and adopted the 2019-20 ARIN General Operating Budget in the amount of

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at the ARIN
IU 28 Central Office at 7:00 PM.