Elderton Author Keeps Readers in Suspense!

Denise Frye displays her three suspense-filled books that she has authored over the past three years.

A Plumcreek Township woman has released her third book in a series of suspense titles that has brought her notoriety.

Denise Frye first released “Holly’s Horrible Nightmares” three years ago.

“Back when I was a teenager, I had a dream and it was about a girl who come home and found her family dead on the floor.  Now, it was me, but it wasn’t my family. And, this dream kind of stuck with me. The next night, it seemed the dream continued. She went to live with her rich uncle in Texas. That’s how the story came about and it just stuck with me all these years.”

Frye, now 52, said that when her son, who is now 16, went to elementary school, she decided to sit down, jotting some notes, and the outline of the book began to come together. It would be several years before the story line would become a multi-chapter composition.

“I didn’t know how to write. I just sat down and started jotting it all together. I put it in a rough draft. Then I handed it off to my one friend who reads a lot and I asked for her opinion. She encouraged me to keep going, so I started putting more into it. Then my nephew, David Russell, said he would put the book together for self-publishing and do the cover.  So I just started self-publishing them and he’s been helping me out ever since. “

Frye started with Holly’s Horrible Nightmare; then had another concept for her second book Terror in My Bookstore.

“This one just kind of popped into my head and it’s about a girl who owns a bookstore and she’s held hostage with her regular customers. And, this one is more for pre-teen, while the Holly book is for over age 16.”

Frye returned to the roots of her first book to write a sequel, Holly’s Nightmare Returns, who third book released this year.

“This one is where you find out who killed her family and why.”

Frye said she writes primarily for entertainment value, and not to espouse any specific set of values.

“They’re mostly suspense dramas that put you on the edge of your chair when you read it. Some of them are tear-jerkers.”

Frye has her books in two local bookstores, including Kittanning News and also on Amazon. She also is setting up her table at vendor shows to invite readers to become acquainted with her work.

As long as the dreams keep coming, she will keep writing.

“I’ll have a dream and it’s like. ‘oh I can put that in my book’.  It just kind of happens. I don’t know where it comes from.  Then when I get to the end of the story, I’m done.  They’re basically between 20 and 22 chapters.”

Denise lives with her husband Don, and teenage son Brandon.

The three books by Denise Frye of Elderton are available at the Kittanning News on Market Street in Kittanning.