Trout Fishing is First Major Spring Event

A group from the Apollo area camp out on Buffalo Creek to enjoy the first day of trout fishing in Armstrong County.

Spring has arrived! Ask any angler that experienced the sunshine and tug of the fishing line on Saturday!

Waterways Conservation Officer Anthony Beers with the PA Fish and Boat Commission said there were plenty of activity along the banks of rivers and creeks.

“There has been plenty of people and a lot of that has been determined upon the good weather. We have excellent weather and the water looks good, so we have plenty of angler activity out and about today.”

Beers said that depending on when a person fishes will depend on a successful catch.

“They do better during the morning hours and then they’ll do better in the evening hours, so most people mid-day pull out and go to lunch, and then they’ll come back for the evening bite.”

Fishing wasn’t limited to just adults, Beers said.

“A lot of kids are out especially at the Buffalo Creek children’s area. I saw a lot of kids and they’re catching fish. So, there’s a lot of people out and a lot of people having fun, so it’s a good day.”

Beers said there were no problems reported on Saturday.