PETS: Are Either of These Orphans Tugging at Your Heart?

CARMEN is 6- to 7-years-old and has been waiting for her forever home for over two years now. She had a few teeth extracted, but is otherwise very healthy. Due to an old injury she has a slight limp. She uses pet steps to get onto bed with her foster mom. Carmen loves being petted, but not a lap cat unless she is in the mood. Once she has had enough, she goes off on her own. She is afraid of other cats and prefers to be the only pet unless, of course, it is a stuffed animal! To meet Carmen, please call the shelter as she is in in a foster home.

KELLI is a 3-year-old Rotti mix who is good with children and other dogs. She is a very sweet girl and a good walker — she doesn’t pull and walks nicely on her leash! Kelli is affectionate and likes to have her ears rubbed. She has been with us only a little while, but with her sweet personality is quickly winning over the hearts of our volunteers and staff!

To visit with Kelli or Carmen or any of the hundreds of other pets, contact Orphans of the Storm animal shelter in Rayburn Township at 724-548-4520. They match lovable animals with loving forever homes, educate the public on humane, responsible careĀ of all animals, and promote spaying and neutering to reduce companion animalĀ overpopulation.