Local American Legion Celebrates National Anniversary

American Legion Post 325 Commander Jeff Kaufman thanks his fellow members for naming him the Legionnaire of the Year.

The American Legion Roy Frick Booher Post 325 in Cowansville celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the national organization with a Veteran’s Appreciation Awards Banquet on Sunday afternoon.

Approximately 100 people were in attendance. Gene Ruffner served as emcee for the event. Chaplain Terry Johns offered the invocation and benediction.  Adjutant Harold French “Frenchie” helped give out awards.

Commander Jeff Kaufman received the prestigious Legionnaire of the Year Award. Kaufman is noted for his service to the organization. He was dressed in simple plaid shirt, and found in the kitchen doing dishes when he was called out to receive the award.

Armstrong County Executive Director of  Veterans Affairs Kathy Rashlich gave a speech on services available to area veterans and how county office can help.

Veterans Affairs Executive Director Kathy Rashlich complemented the local Post for their accomplishments in the community.

“The American Legion has helped to create Veterans Affairs worldwide,” Rashlich said, speaking of the national organization.  “A lot of lobbying was formed through the American Legion. They were a major supporter of the Boy Scouts and getting it started. They helped start American Heart Association with $50,000. They have been a key supporter of the National Association of Mental Health.”

Rashlich also praised Post 325 for their service to the local community.

“They are always doing things for community. They donate to various groups such as Mechling-Shakley Veterans Center, and helping a female veterans center in Butler get off the ground. If something doesn’t qualify as federal benefit, many times the Post has helped defray costs until something else can be done. They work hard to raise money through monthly breakfasts. We are dependent on the people who take their time to volunteer and do so much for community. This is the kindness group to provide assistance,“  she said.

Auxiliary President Carol Hooks gave awards to Auxiliary members in attendance.

Auxiliary President Carol Hooks gave awards to Auxiliary members in attendance as well.