Historical Headlines – March 19

3/19/1969 – The Heilman family are mourning the death of nine-year-old William Heilman. He attempted to ride his bicycle down the steep Pattonville Path leading form 7th Avenue to 12th Street. Police said the victim tried to ride down the steep hill on an old bike that didn’t have a chain or brakes, lost control, and was thrown into a tree head first. He died several hours later at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

3/19/1969 – A truck carrying rolling mill machinery bound for Allegheny Ludlum struck two girders on the Kittanning Bridge at 11AM today and tied up traffic for about 30 minutes until state police cleared the bridge. The State Highway Dept planned to make a survey of damage to the bridge. A painting project going on over the bridge at the time of the accident added to the traffic snarl.

3/19/1969 – The state Fish Commission will send three tankers into the county Saturday with a total shipment of 10,300 brown trout and 200 palomino trout for stocking in Buffalo Creek.

3/19/1969 – Kurt Bowers of Kittanning won the Western Pennsylvania Diving Championship for Cadets, 10 years and under, here over the weekend in trials held at Tech Memorial High School in Erie.

3/19/1969 – Pfc. Gary Sheaffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sheaffer of Ford City RD 3, is stationed with the First Air Cavalry Division, Transportation Corps in Vietnam.

3/19/1969 – The former Eleanor Carol Phillips, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Phillips of 1515-5th Ave, Ford City, has appeared in several advertisements recently in widely circulated magazines such as Seventeen, and Glamour. She graduated from Ford City High School in 1962. She married James Davis II of Glendale, Arizona, where she now lives. In addition to being a model, she is employed presently at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

3/19/1969 – The Albert Gallatin District School Board of Fayette County voted unanimously to return prayer and Bible reading to its schools despite the advice of its solicitor that said such a move would be a violation of U. S. Supreme Court ruling banning compulsory prayer in public schools. An estimated 300 persons attended last month’s meeting requesting that prayer be re-established in the schools. The resolution will affect 6,300 students.

3/19/1964 – Armstrong County Memorial Hospital today listed again as one of approximately 4,200 approved by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals.

3/19/1964 – Mrs. Karin Claypoole, Mrs. Wayne Ohl and Mrs. Regis McGuire were selected to serve on the nominating committee by members of the South Buffalo Parent-Teacher Association.

3/19/1959 – Members of the senior class of Kittanning High put the finishing touches on their three-act comedy, “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” Sam Mazzotta plays the lead role of the play, written by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman.  Arthur Walter is faculty director of the comedy.

3/19/1959 – Charles M. Shoffner announced his resignation as president of Allegheny River Mining Company and Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Pittsburgh and Shawmut Coal Co.

3/19/1954 – Ford City Girl Scouts will distribute official entry blanks door-to-door for the Lions Club-sponsored “What Ford City Needs Most” contest.

3/19/1954 – A special class for mentally retarded elementary school students in Kittanning Union School District will not be starting for at least another year. The proposal ran aground on financial shoals.

3/19/1954 – Equipment Being Removed From Buffalo Creek Mine. Production Slowing Gradually Prior to Scheduled April Shutdown.

3/19/1949 – Tribute was paid to Mrs. Paul McKenrick for 60 years of service as teacher of the Women’s Bible class of the First Presbyterian Sunday School as class members and guests gathered in the social room of the church. The event opened with a dinner.

3/19/1949 – Town Councilmen looked at drawings of a proposed memorial athletic field and moved to have work started on the project during the coming summer. In its entirety, the plan may cost up to $100,000. Borough officials indicated, however, they may award contracts in several units, thus spreading the project and the cost over several years.

3/19/1934 – Two automobiles, stolen from parking places in Kittanning, were recovered at the rear of the old glass works at the “upper end” of Kittanning. Both were slightly damaged.

3/19/1934 – A combination of good old St. Patrick’s Day spirit, Pinchot liquor store spirit, “Spring-is-here” spirit, bogus checks and a general sense of devilishness conspired to land a dozen of men within the stronghold of the borough lockup.

3/19/1929 – Kittanning High School was defeated by Franklin 17-15 in an A-K Valley tournament game at New Kensington.

3/19/1929 – H. A. Batislini of Pittsburgh has assumed management of the Columbia and Temple Theaters.